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Old cross eyed dwarf bezerker


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So this is the second avatars mini that I have bought, the first, a female drow assassin was a reallllly bad sculpt, didn't paint her and almost didn't buy this guy but he redeemed my view of the mini line. He is a little dark in the pics but I love the pose. Please c&C;)






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It looks like you light is directly above the mini, which is creating intensity on top, heavy shadows beneath, and bleaching out your background, which causes the foreground (the model) to become too dark.


If you only have one light, you can help mitigate this by bringing the light forward of the mini, but do not aim it directly at the mini. This will cause light to reflect back off the surface in front of the mini, causing better, more manageable illumination to the front of the model, and will lessen the amount hitting the background, which will help bring the model into better focus.

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