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77060 Dragonman Warrior & 14441 Gaan-Hor Warrior


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I am running Hoard of the Dragon Queen for my D&D players, and they faced off against Landerosa Cyanwrath, the half blue dragon warrior last session. I realized I didn't have a suitable mini so I speed painted a metal Reaper fig, the Gaan-Hor Warrior, to represent Cyanwrath.  The Gaan-Hor is supposed to have wings but Cyanwrath doesn't have them so I did not attach the wings before painting him.


I also had a new player join last session and he is going to play a silver dragonborn fighter.  I used a prepainted mini for the first session but this weekend I painted up a Bones Dragonman Warrior as his character mini.  I decided to paint his armor bluish steel, and before I knew it I decided on the spur of the moment to try out NMM. The only time I tried that before I did not do so well with hit even though I was trying to follow detailed instructions. This time I winged and it actually went much better, I think.  I liked the bluish metal bits and the silver NMM better than my attempt at gold. I will have to try gold again using different tones and colors to see if I can get better at it.


For the last pic I decided to put the two minis in confrontation in front of another project I started this past weekend, my first attempt with water effects. The fountain is supposed to be a Cthuluesque fountain for Deep Ones, I think.  I still need to try to add the actual fountain spray and ripples to the water, but that will come this next weekend.


Here is the silver dragonborn first:











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I'm just reading through Hoard of the Dragon Queen now, and daydreaming about what minis I could paint for it.  I'm particularly excited to paint up Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and Rezmir, so it was really cool to see someone who's already got a start on it.  If you paint any more minis specific to this adventure, please post pictures of them!  I'd love to see more inspiration for villains like Frulam Mondath, Trepsin the Troll, or Talis the White.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! 

@Sabith: I'm definitely planning to paint up more stuff for the adventure path. In particular, by the end of the next adventure, Rise of Tiamat, I need to paint up Tiamat herself.  Since it looks like I will never get the "King of Evil Dragons" miniature I bought from Center Stage Miniature's Kickstarter for $75, I went ahead and bought Lysander, the five headed dragon statue by Design Toscano, and I'm thinking of painting up the five heads like the five chromatic dragons. It won't look exactly like Tiamat but at least will be gigantic enough.

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