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Evilhalfling's November

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It has been a busy month:




Astrid the Bard



Mummy lich



Townsfolk with broom



Terrible pirate, finaela

Her torso and legs seem to be different scales.  Her breasts could be that low, if she was a old women with several kids, but the bikini wouldn't hang like that.  If I re-carved her chest and added a breastplate it might look better, but still not perfect.  

1: Has anyone else painted her?



Well of Chaos 

the water stain is not as dark as I would like, and I'm not sure the white glue in the basin worked very well, I considered adding a stream of water 2: how do you create a stream of water?



GW Clanrat - with basing! 

this was from a basing thread, it was allot of fun! 



I'll add some commentary in a bit.  One thing the Finaela, the terrible pirate is just a bad mini.  I should probably just pitch it.  


unfinshed wall of ghosts -

So I was attempting to replicate the successful look of my large fire elemental. It goes white-yellow-orange-red.

after talking it over with my wife, i decided that it needed more colors - If I add dark green to near black, it will add more of an undead feel, and probably look better.  



picture unrelated: 


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RE: Stream of water: Woodland Scenics Water Effects. It's thick, like a paste, and dries pretty clear. You take some on the end of a toothpick or modelling tool, and work it up into a stream, connecting it to the spout and to the basin. I did one, and it took me about 5 minutes to make a...1/2 inch (or so) stream of water. It's not a long process, but you have to let it cure fully before you work on it again.

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RE: Stream of water: Woodland Scenics Water Effects. It's thick, like a paste, and dries pretty clear. You take some on the end of a toothpick or modelling tool, and work it up into a stream, connecting it to the spout and to the basin. I did one, and it took me about 5 minutes to make a...1/2 inch (or so) stream of water. It's not a long process, but you have to let it cure fully before you work on it again.

Another trick i have seen (but not tried) is to use a piece of fishing line.  Cut to length and glue one end to the pool and the other to the spout.  Then build up water effects (or super lgue) like dsmiles said.  Gives you a base to adhere to.

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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      This is the second time I've painted Fineala. She's being gifted to my friend Riley who seems to be her living counterpart.

      Her base is a combination of Blond Shadow, Blond Hair, and Brown Wash. It's the first time I've used that for wood and it gives a nice laminated effect that matches the floor of the resturant.
    • By Sophie was taken
      I was in the mood to try out some metallics, and the victimsubject this time was Finari (apologies for the subpar pics):

      There were some issues with this sculpt. Most of her face was offset a couple millimeters forward, so there was an odd bump to one side. Additionally, her left foot has a large chunk that just isn’t there, just below the sword. These I hid as best I could.
       For the majority of her armor, I mixed three parts Royal Purple with one part Honed Steel. Compared to some other combinations I’ve tried out lately, this ended up being a nice metallic while keeping close to the base color.
      Rivets and ornamentation were done in Antique Gold with New Gold highlights. Not pleased with how splotchy the breastplate turned out, however.
      There was one detail that still eludes me. You can see in the rear view a lump of some sort next to her shield. It isn’t part of her arm or any bit of armor that I’m aware of, so I made it into a...brownish leather thing. 
      C&C appreciated, armor isn't something I’ve done much of and I need to get better at it.
    • By Sanael
      From my lunch sessions WiP.
      This mini is very much "get off my table now" quality. I expect to use her in my Eberron campaign as an Emerald Claw officer or Blood of Vol cultist (hence the blood drop on her shield). She's actually the second Finari I've painted, pretty well in the same color scheme, but the other was actually for a PC in a short-lived Ptolus campaign. I really like the sculpt, one of my favorite Klockes.
      This particular mini was from the first Bones KS, and she had a serious problem on her face in casting: pretty well everything from her left cheek to collarbone was a thick piece of flash, and most of her face was pretty soft in detail. So I carved a bit and ended up with what you see here. Also roughly removed the Crusaders symbols on her armor and shield.
      I do need to clean up her base, but I'll do that in a batch with a bunch of minis.
      Enough talk, here she is:

    • By Sanael
      TL;DR: I have a lunch break. I'm going to paint during that break. Finari and the Basilisk are first up.
      So, coming back from a hiatus, and I have several realizations:
      1. My painting station in the new house is not yet set up and won't be fully ready-for-use for a while,
      2. I have lots of house-projects to do with my spare time at home, and
      3. Winter is coming, so the Pittsburgh weather will not be pleasant much longer.
      This all points to one conclusion: I can stay indoors on my lunch break, eat quickly, and paint almost every day.
      So, I'm going to try to paint at least 3 days a week, if not 4, for 30-45 minutes at a go. I'll take pictures at the end of each session and post them here. When I finish up a batch of minis, I'll figure out what will be next and start a new thread (hence this being "Lunch Sessions I"). At the start of each thread, I'll lay out the goals for each mini I'm painting and reiterate my desire for honest feedback based on those goals.
      So, part one!
      Finari has been mostly basecoated since approximately 2014. This particular copy of her had some really nasty mold grossness on the face, so I carved away a lot of the plastic tumor. For this reason, she's a bit awkward in the face and my goal is mostly to get her done. I'm painting her as an Emerald Claw/Blood of Vol officer for my Eberron games, so there will be some very simple freehand to signify that affiliation; she's also got rather a lot of black, so I'll take the opportunity to work on that, since it's an important color that I don't feel confident with.
      The basilisk I want to paint purely for fun, but I want it to be a "tabletop display" piece. Smooth blends, etc. Nothing particularly advanced, technique-wise, but I want to show competency in the simple technique.
      Both pieces are starters to really get back in the swing of painting, paving the way for some more advanced/detailed stuff further down the queue.
      Day 0: this is where the minis were at the start of my session today. They're mostly basecoated already, with a little bit of highlighting on the basilisk's dorsal ridge and Finari's hair.

      You can also see some of the Rathcore V3 miniatures holders we recently received from their Kickstarter. So far, I really like them. I have a couple of the larger painting handles as well, but decided not to use them for these minis. My only problem with these is there's no good way to use the holders for penny-based figs. That said, I think I'll be able to make my own corks for penny bases when the time comes.
      Day 1:
      Today I was able to paint for about 45 minutes. Part of that time was spent painting pennies black to finish out the bases of the kobolds and rats I put up in Show-Off the other day.
      For these two, I brought up the highlights on the dorsal ridge and Finari's shoulders closer to linen white, sketched in the Vol blood-drop on her shield and based the red scales/ear-flaps on the basilisk. I also found several spots where Finari's original basecoat had worn away and touched those up.

      For the basilisk, I'm trying to decide what the smaller side-and-belly scales should look like, as well as his spines and claws. I think I like the darker green for the smaller scales, but I'm not sure if I should go pale or dark for the claws. Any thoughts?
    • By Maledrakh
      These three pieces have been sitting around in a box for ages, I rediscovered them the other day and decided to just have at them. They really did not take more than a few minutes plus drying time each.
      77136 Well of Chaos

      77139 Altar of Evil

      77137 Sarcophagus
      The well was filled with a drop of blue and a drop of unshaken green (=blotchy and stripey as the pigments had seperated alittle) vallejo paint.
      Just one drop directly from the dropper bottles into the well each, a very gentle stir and leave to dry.
      A little touch up around the edges and hey presto! I am pretty chuffed with the result.
      The stone is done by black undercoat, dark green/grey over that, heavily drybrushed with sandy yellow and lighter drybrush with offwhite.
      Differently coloured glazes help differentiate it a bit where needed.
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