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Bones Learn To Paint Kits

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I really want these to show up on Miniature Market. I have a bunch of patients that would really like them but I need the MM discount in order to get the higher ups to let me buy them.


If you wanted to buy quite a few you could email Reaper and ask them?  

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It's been a really nice experience with my Dad, especially when we paint them together.


We went online once to pick out minis to buy after I had painted the first ones. He stuck about fifteen minis in the cart and bought them. I was like 'Woah, I thought you'd get me like, a couple'.


My Mom said that's what I get for sharing interests with my Dad.

Yep.  I buy stuff for Daughter Dilvish just about every paint day.  Heck, she's painting more often then I am.  She has the disposable time and I have the disposable (ok, a little disposable) income.

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