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Well done! She loods very regal.


Nice color combination. One small thing, the necklage could use some more definition, but I am nitpicking and it could be the pictures.

The necklace is so small that the gold in the dress trim is fading it out !  Its the photo I took I fear !

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Very well done, let's get a group stuff of the whole court;)

When I do the next Thunderbolt Mountain Mini I'll take a group photo of all the 25mm mini's I have painted.

So far it is 21 standing, and 10 mounted Miniatures !

Will be tough to photo that many at one time.

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So pretty! She's like a little jewel.

Thank You Pingo;

Your comment is SO GREATLY appreciated.

I admire your work, and a "gem like compliment is really appreciated", I was thinking Emeralds as I was highlighting her !

Thanks again !

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Very well done, let's get a group stuff of the whole court;)

I've decided to do Sir Gawayne Standing, and Sir Kay Mounted as my next Miniatures.

so I'll try to get a group photo of all the 25mm miniatures photographed.

Bit of a daunting project to think of.

I'll be doing both of them at the same time to slow me down.

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    • By 72moonglum
      Greetings to those of the Clan Reaper!
      I think this has got to be one of the quirkiest figures I've painted, a Chickinasaurus sculpted by Tom Meier from his Sparkle and Savage range, from Theoland! 
      I was a bit confused as to what colors to make him, so thinking about chickens, I tried to imitate a nice brown chicken with a green tail, hopefully he turned out okay:

      a really nice and simple figure to actually paint!
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello Reaperlonians!
      Here's one I just finished, a pretty simple miniature, Whaleboy, from Tom Meier's Sparkle and Savage range with Thunderbolt Mountain, that he sculpted for his kids. There's a Squidboy too that I hope to get painted one of these days:

      A very enjoyable figure to paint!
    • By 72moonglum
      So hello there all you Reaperlies!
      So here is Squidboy, a figure sculpted by Tom Meier originally for his Thunderbolt Mountain range and currently available out at Ral Partha Legacy.
      The hardest thing with this figure was to figure out what color are squids and eventually made him pink.

      Judging by his t-shirt, I have a feeling he is supposed to be the archenemy of Whaleboy, in a recent posting of mine.
      Anyways, please enjoy!
    • By Iridil
      This fellow has been lurking at the bottom of a drawer or box for over 30 years.... I finally painted him up. It was actually a bit irritating somehow... I guess that's why he sat in nothing more than a coat of primer and a red shield for so long! Not sure the maker, maybe citadel? He is on a metal part for the slot base that helpfully says 'orc'. All this time later, I love him just for nostalgia and remembering my dad painting up all those orcs... and we never used the minis in play!

    • By 72moonglum
      Good morning Reaperniks!
      So I've had this mini painted already about a week, but here in Omaha, it's been mostly kind of cloudy and rainy, so wasn't able to get a decent picture until this morning.
      This is Merlyon the Sorcerer, formerly of Thunderbolt Mountain and now being released by Ral Partha Legacy. Pretty fun figure to paint, and it's more akin to that 25 mm of yore:

      I still have a few more from this range I want to get around to painting. This one also had the eyeholes poked into the eyes, but they worked out this time pretty simply.
      Eyeholes in the owl too!
      Anyhoos, please enjoy responsibly!
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