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Mars Attacks WIP (Modifications)

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In the moment I'm working on Sidney & Henry

Henry had a Flea Circus which was not succesful anymore. Nobody was interested anymore to see such attraction. During the mars attacks he met a dying soldier who gave him a bottle with bug gas. Sidney used it on his fleas and started to fight back.


So I thought I need also fleas without riders and made them:








Still much work to do they need highlights and more.

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I also started to make an energy shield for the Supreme Regent Ambassador:


I used a partable, transparent plastic ball.

I used sandpaper to get the hole on the bottom.

I think the SRA will get later a 35-40mm base.

Eventually he will get also an extra house rule, because he will be more visible in the game through the energy shield an bigger base.


I plan to make lightnings around it to hide later the partable part.






As you can see I painted already some martian grunts. More pictures will follow.

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Here are the martian grunts, they are still WIP, still need error corrections and highlights.

Here is a list of paints I used.

- 72013 VGC Squid Pink
- Secret Washes Dark Sepia
- Highlights: Some got 72013 VGC Squid Pink

Mix of these colors:
- VGC 72035 Dead Flesh
- VMC 70969 Park Green
- VMC 70827 Lime Green

- VMC 72097 Pale Yellow (only Over the brows on the forehead)

- Secret Weapons Green Wash

- VGC 72024 Turquoise
- Secret Weapon Blue Wash
- Highlights: Turquoise & VGC 72023 Electric Blue (still needed)

- VMC 70863 Gunmetal Grey
- VGC 72052 Silver
- VGC 72010 Blood Red

Boots & Gloves:
- VMC 70827 Lime Green
- Secret Weapons Green Wash
- Highlights: Lime Green
It still need some work, I hope to see some other painted example to help me make them better.

Commander Boots & Gloves:
- VGC 72005 Moon Yellow
(Still need to check how I proceed with them.)

- Black
- White
- Blood Red

- black
- white vertical stripes
- one black horizontal stripe
(I think painting it white and use a black fineliner could be easier.)

- VGC 72022 Ultramarine Blue
- Secret Weapon Sapphire Wash

- VGC Heavy Red
- Highlight: VGC 72010 Blood Red

Freeze Ray icy parts and Daggers:
- VGC 72023 Electric Blue
- 09288 Reaper Master Series LED Blue
- White

Laserpointer (front of the top red part)
- white and 09288 Reaper Master Series LED Blue

Gas cylinders:
- VGC Heavy Red
- Secret Weapon Wash Ruby
- Ultramarine Blue
- Secret Weapon Sapphire Wash
- Highlight: Heavy Red and Blood Red

Martian Dredd's Armor:
- VGC 72022 Ultramarine Blue
- Secret Weapon Sapphire Wash

Martian Dredd's Gloves and Boots:
- VGC 70969 Park Green
- Secret Weapon Wash Algae

Judge Insignia:
- 72056 Glorious Gold

I made the secret weapon washes by myself.
Les' Wash Recipe



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How did you make the giant fleas?


I removed Henry and used yellow milliput to fill the hole he left.

I used a small glue gun on the back for the structure.

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Fine and detailed work. I didn't even KNOW they made Martian Judges!

And the energy shield globe is quite an idea. It would not have occurred to me to try that...

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I need to more fleas to get all in the comics named fleas: June, Claude, Davy, Maude



Fine and detailed work. I didn't even KNOW they made Martian Judges!

And the energy shield globe is quite an idea. It would not have occurred to me to try that...


Yeah, no dome on the head, no visible armor. But he missing dome was what disturbed me, why need other martians a dome and he not. Ok, I can find an reason. :-)

I liked the idea of that he has highest technology or make it with his mind.

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This is one of the earlier pictures, I made.


I modified the martians with the big undercut.

Removed the arm which was glued on the martian.

Removed the undercut (left martian I did it already.

Glued it back with a 2-epoxy-glue.


Also in the picture the is the first test miniature I painted, which got aso removed the undercut.



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I post only this picture, because I ruined sadly this globe.  I tried to remove the paint to make smaller lightnings.


Next week I will get new clear balls and try it again. Eventually change the axis of the lightnings. I'm also thinking about making green and blue lightnings.



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Here the whole group after few more highlights.




Started to paint first humant grunt.





After giving him Armys Painters Quickshade.

Also giving some highlights to the fleas.





Tomorrow I will check if I like the soldier and will proceed with him.


I know not everyone like Quicksade, but it is for some effects good. That is the reason why I didn't used it on the martians. Army Painters Martian example was already clear enough that I do not want it.

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The Supreme Regent Ambassador and his hopefully future energy shield.


My biggest problem is that I do not know how to varnish it.


Any Sprays I tried and a matte varnish with brush clouds the plastic ball.

I tried a glossy varnish with a brush, but I see the brush strokes on it.


If someone has any ideas, please write.


I couldn't get me to make a step-by-step, but I got a tutorial with better pictures from >>here<<.

I used Vallejo paints: Magic Blue, Electric Blue, Blood Red and White


If I can solve the varnish issue, I will paint the same lightnings from the inside.




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This energy shield has only few drawbacks.


I can't varnish it in the moment (see last post)

The mini in it is little dark in it.


I'm not sure if I can somehow put an LED under the base of the Ambassador.


Today I will check if I can make an electrical tea light smaller.



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