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Hey all!  It's been a while - I haven't been completely slacking off with the painting but I took a few months off.  I started up again a few months ago, but haven't really been posting - sorry about that.  I figured I'd start up again, this is my most recent paint job - the Bones Hell Hound.  I did some scuplting on the base to give him flames there too - I was thinking about adding more flames to the figure but decided against it.


Credit where credit is due - I definitely started with Nameless' paint scheme, but I think I took it in my own direction.  I did want to play with painting black, and using his mini's as a guideline, I think I succeeded pretty well.  Feedback is always welcome:



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    • By Doug Sundseth
      Here's a WizKids translucent Hell Hound:

      Primed with gloss acrylic medium. Base colors with Badger Ghost Tints. Spine, claws, teeth, metallics, and eyes done with various opaques. Some black used to pick out details in the flames.
    • By canuckotter
      Here's the finished mini for this WIP thread. I'm continuing my attempt to paint these things up quickly and work on my speed, so there's some rough blending happening etc. And I just noticed a couple mold lines that I'd forgotten to clean up. And the spines came out far too white... Should have added more colour there. Anyway! Would still appreciate comments, suggestions, etc.  

    • By canuckotter
      Show-off: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72047-77038-hell-hound/
      Working my way through the Vampire set I got at Reapercon, and here's today's victim. Not sure what I'm going to do with the mane though.

    • By Mutilatedlips
      I went back and touched up some of my very early paint jobs from a couple of years or so back. I thought it would be fun to post some before and after pics.
      Photo quality is getting a little better, unfortunately most of these models are no longer in my possession and I have no way of taking better pics for when I finally get a decent camera.
      I know some people like to look at how they progressed over time and keep their 1st minis untouched, but I really like these models so much, that I wanted to bring them up to how I had hoped they would look when I first painted them.
      Hope you enjoy my extra bit of effort and their final time in the spotlight.





    • By Maledrakh
      I envision this demon dog as being a beast of smoke and fire, much like the Balrog. However. I don't see it as burning the ground it walks on.

      Most of the pictures I took of this were mysteriously out of focus. It obviously did not want to be taken a picture of.
      77038: Hell Hound
      Reaper Bones KS 1
      Bonesium PVC
      40mm base
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