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One of my biggest gripes on a lot of judging: you want an extra 10 points? Take the pic on a good background or a better base. The mini is not changed but the score is better.


This is terrific. The color highlighting could use some more pop but that could be the light too. The color choice is marvelous and the underbelly of the lizard really looks like that "soft leather" skin like a snake.


And +10 for the reuse of aquarium parts. I have more of this stuff lying around from my fish keeping days. And any reuse is a great idea!

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I was a bit limited on basing material because I was making it in store.  That meant I couldn't really use the flocking and stuff I normally use for basing, since it tends to make a godawful mess.  When I get it back, I intend to add a bit, and maybe use some weathering powders as well to give a bit more variation on the ground.

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