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Arrius, Bones Skeletal Warrior


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That is perfect! Although I am partial to orange due to a volunteer group I belong to, I must say that is a great cloak and it contrasts nicley with the rest of the colors.  Knowing how hard it is to do this particular Bones mini I am very impressed with this and would have sworn it was a metal mini with the amount of detail you have manged to pick out.


sadly I can only like it once  (wonders... should I create another account just so I can like again..hummmmm)

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Thanks all!


I am not very good at taking notes while I paint, but I believe the paints used in the cloak are: All Reaper, Lava Orange 9218, Fire Orane 9006, Hazard Yellow 61120, Golden Yellow 29808 painted straight on the bare white bones material.

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Great paint job on this.


I copied your color scheme painting mine almost to the key (went gold for the runes on the sword). I'll post a picture when I can get a good one. Need a cloudy day for some diffusion. It came out pretty good, but, not

as good as yours. That cloak looks amazing. 

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