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This is the background for my current Halfling Rogue/Cleric of Brandobaris. The running joke is he changes his name at every new town we go to, the rest of the party thinks it's because it helps him hide out (they don't know his real name).


He comes from the Thesk region of Faerun. There are some obscure references in here unless you know some Forgotten Realms history, if you ask I'll elaborate.


The other members of the party are Vex (started as a Rogue also, now a Rogue/Fighter) and Tiri (a Sorcerer scribe from Mulhorand). There was another character, but he met up with the party much later "in game".


I'll post his stats if anyone is interested, he's 6th level now. It would be kind of hard to update all his progress but I'll work out some highlights if there is interest.

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Why did his elders choose to seek shelter HERE when the invasion came?


Gnomes can be fun, but they can grate on your nerves a bit as well. Growing up as an outsider, Wendi learned this all too often. When you're in on the plans, a 'rub' is a fantastic diversion from the everyday mundane. But when you can't cast spells like your 'friends', you're more likely to be the target. After the first couple of times when you 'soil' your pants or 'pass wind', it's just not that funny. Thankfully, Gnomish pranks get better as they grow up, but he had to deal with them at school.


Every day.


He had to get out.


And so it was to be, if his family didn't want to move back then he would do it by himself. Well, Glaming 'Goodfilcher' Granovious would go with him, but that was more because he would have been run out of town anyway (it's all fun and games in a Gnome community, until you start keeping the stuff you steal).


Needless to say, this did not sit well with Pa-pa and Ma-ma. There were rumors of Orcs in Phsant, and the family would have nothing to do with them. His brother Andivall had told stories of the fierce looking things being powerful mercenaries from his travels to Phent. Pfft, tales to frighten his siblings. Andivall enjoyed his place as the warrior a little too much. Stronger than most Hin, better with the short sword than anyone in the village, and an annoying knack of getting everyone to see things his way. He preached distrust of other races and disdained the pranks of the Gnomes, yet would willingly guard their caravans sent to trade with Phent. Andivall was uptight and boring, how bad could these Humans and Orcs be?


They turned out to be quite humorless actually. About the only 'humor' they had was making fun of their names. Many an axe and sword was drawn upon Wendi and Glaming those first days in Phent, luckily their size and quickness kept them out of harms way.


They did meet a sociable sort called Vex. Finally, a Human who they could understand, even if his pilfering was more for material gain than fun. But gold bought stuff, and that was good. However, the 'Triumvirate of Trouble' didn't make many friends, in fact they seemed to attract problems (hence their name), and soon it was time to move on. Telflamm should be large enough city to get lost in...


If only it was. The city was teeming with people, but there was already a group there procuring items from the unwary and they didn't appreciate the new interlopers. They were insidious as well, seeming to track the group to whatever inn they tried to lay low at. Changing their names worked for a short time (and Wendi appreciated the break from the teasing). Until, of course, Vex took a fancy to the new barmaid...


They arrived the next day, a small group that was deceptively powerful. Two of them grabbed Wendi and Glaming and dissipated into the shadows. Wendi was able to fight off the effects of the vile spell (Hin were good at that), but Glaming was drawn into whatever lay on the other side. Vex managed to pierce the lung of his attacker before he was able to grab hold, removing his will to fight and chasing him to the shadows alone. The barmaid fled as well, unwilling to test the temper of Vex.


Not wanting to join Glaming in whatever fate had befallen him, the two made for the docks. No matter where the next ship out was going had to be better than here. Leave it to Vex to find a Mulhorandi vessel, a land known for ale, gems, and gold. Too bad this one was trading paper...

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