So I'm thinking about making a dwarven chess set (using Reaper figs, of course). Here is what I've picked for some, others I would like your opinions on:   The Queen: 14476: Gwyddis, Dwarf Valkyrie   Now the King, I'm thinking either of these two: 14324: Herryk Aesir, Dwarf Warlord   -or- 14042: Thorgram, Dwarf Warlord   Now, Thorgrim looks a bit more 'kingly' to me, but the headboard on Kerryk matches the headboard on Gwyddis and kind of fits the 'toppers' on traditional chess pieces. Opinions?   The Knights will both be: 14136: Thorvald, Dwarf Bear Rider   And the Pawns will be one of each pose from: 06117: Dwarf Warriors(9), Dwarf Grunt   06116: Dwarf Swiftaxes(9), Dwarf Grunt   06196: Dwarf Kneebreakers (9)
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