So a few years ago I made a Human vs. Undead chess set (using all Reaper figs, of course). Unfortunately, I did the humans in solid white and undead in solid black (and so many layers of paint and sealer that they looked horrible). I also no longer have them. I'm thinking of doing them again, this time in full color. The humans will be white with blue trim, the undead will be black with lavender trim (anyone remember the 'chess' cover paintings from Dragon magazine issues 83, 86, 89, 118? Look them up, they're gorgeous and will be my inspiration).   Anyway, I love lists, so here are the figures I used and will use again:   Human set:   King 02082: King Angus Stormhand (I know, more Conan than medeival, but c'mon)   Queen 02083: Queen Shanon Stormhand (again, more Amazon than medeival, but c'mon)   Bishops 02087: Brother Louis IV   Knights (a mash up) This knight (with lance bent lower): 14231: Templar Heavy Cavalry, Crusaders Adept   On this steed (rearing on hind legs to fit on plinth): 14230: Sir Daman,Crusaders Hero   Rooks 02815: Pillar of Good   Pawns 06036: Templar Knights   I've thought about changing it to an Anhurian set this time, but the only ones that would really change would be the pawns and knights, and I don't think the knights would fit anyway.   Undead set:   King 30010: Dragoth the Defiler, Undead Lord on Throne (I thought about the vampire male/female on thrones, but wanted pure skeletal undead, see the rest of the figs)   Queen 02068: Lucrella Lich Queen (same reasoning as above. Maybe I'll do a vampire set some day)   Bishops 02310: St Tarkus, Dire-dead (ok, not skeletal, but if he ain't an Evil Bishop...)   Knights 14171: Gadrun, Necropolis Sergeant (back to the bones, and the rearing horse fits on the plinth)   Rooks 02814: Pillar of Evil   Pawns 06133: Skeletal Warrior (9), Necropolis Grunt
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