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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Iron Gods Part 1 Fires of Creation

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[Retroactively on initiative 17]


Ralif partially shields his eyes with a free hand. "Now, now my small friend, there's no need to shine them peepers right at us. We just want to talk to ya."



Delay action. Davril reveals what it is


"Yeah, I can see it's pretty bright. It don't mean its nasty."



Blindheim turns out is nasty and attacks Davril. Ralif reacts.


"Hey! You don't go on attacking my mates. Your going on the grudge list!"



Moves to attack blindheim, grabs hammer with two hands. Attack roll: d20+3 = 22, damage 1d8+4= 11



Wonder if he's alone.

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To answer Ralif's question in regards to the others. There appears to be no other creatures.


Ralif steps in & smashes the Blindheim for 11 pts of damage!!!!


It continues to live.


(Now we are current & I will control Ralif till C'Dog makes it back with us again)




Flipped a coin & you may act with the penalties in effect




Color chart & (Ralif's new int count):


Davril 14

Ralif 13

Creature 13

Abrien (Abrien)11

Anton 10

Surtus 3

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I'll say you can skirt the wall behind, Abrien & move into the square above it. You will get a AoO on you as you move around it thou.  Do you want to proceed?


AoO attack


It tries to bite you & it hits (total 23) for 2 pts of damage!


You are able to shield you eyes & are not blinded.


You move into the spot, dropping the torch (it doesn't go out) & strike the creature quite handily. Doing a whooping 14 pts to it.


With the damage from Ralif, the creature dies! Upon it's death, it's eye "shut off" & the chamber goes back to only being lit by the torch.


Combat OVER!


(if you don't want to proceed then combat continues......  ^_^ )


Upon initial searching, you see the creature has a brand of sorts on it's hindquarters. It's a symbol of sorts. Anyone got Linguistics? Feel free to roll.


Also Davril, you see the tattered cloth on it's head is attached to a leather collar of sorts, it's appears to have been a hood. The creature more then likely tore at it get it off it's face. There is also a short rope that appears to have been cut or torn leading off the collar.

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"Darn idiot!" Ralif kicks the blindheim's corpse. "We were trying to be FRIENDLY!"


"What's that there on it's legs? Anyone knows what it is?"


He sees the elf rubbing his eyes. "You all right there, Abrien?"

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Davril winces from the claw marks on his chest.  "That thing hurt.  It is no brighter than an animal.  Any animal mistreated or trained to be aggressive is going to attack regardless of how nice we were to it."


Davril notices the marking on the Blindheim.  "It was hooded and collared, and it's been marked.  I think I recognize that brand, just give me a minute."



Linguistics: 1d20 +6 = 22



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"Somebody considered this a pet.  The mark here," Davril points to the brand, "is Undercommon for Pet.  This could be a runaway, or someone could have slain it's owner.  Abrien, your blindness isn't permanent, it will last about an hour or so.  Ralif, could Brigh help him recover quicker?"



Or was my Knowledge Arcana check high enough to know the duration of the Blinding Gaze?



Davril looks at the claw marks in his clothing, his wounds sobering.  "So, um, this adventure stuff.  It's a lot more dangerous than the stories lead you to believe.  Even in the lab, worst would be losing your eyebrows, or barking your knuckles on a hunk of metal."

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Blindness knowledge updated
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