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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Iron Gods Part 1 Fires of Creation

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EnT1 already has all of his (admittedly few) possessions, having vacated his room at the inn that morning. Returning to the inn and finding a quiet corner, he lays his assorted tools out on a table, checking them over with a practiced hand. In addition to his large sledgehammer and a crowbar, he possesses a wide array of tools mostly intended for working with mechanical devices of all kinds. He then packs them back up and dons his armor, a suit of lamellar leather, a style not currently common in the region. He then sets out to meet the others.

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(sorry for the delay, last few days have been a bit hectic)


The party does what they need to do, gathering up items in shops & such. The shopkeepers see the note from Dolga & gladly take the discount off. As they hand you your items they wish you luck & hope for the safe return of Khonnir. You can tell the man is well liked in the town by the reactions of the people. After gathering up items you meet at the Foundry Tavern


Foundry Tavern Map


(Anyone that has been a apprentice to Khonnir, has been staying in the house along with Baines)


What appears before you are 2 stone buildings &  a wooden one. The wooden one has a deck attached to it that goes around half the building, this is the Tavern. The larger building has 2 large smokestacks in the middle. Also other pipes coming off the building, the Foundry. What lies behind is a smaller stone building, you can see by it's appearance it's appears to the dwelling of the Khonnir & his daughter Val. The entrance to the Tavern is in the back of the building.


As you make your way to the Tavern entrance you see on the door there is a sign that says "Closed till further notice.".  As you contemplate your next move you hear a loud high pitch scream & a loud crashing sound coming from the house!


Roll Initiative!!!

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I'll head towards the scream/house as quickly as I can. (I'm assuming it's a woman's scream)I'll call out "miss Baines, I'm here to help, I'm coming in!" Before I get to the door.

If I have an action left I'll put my shoulder to the door to try to knock it open.  

Str check? 15+3=18 if I can.

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I'll say you were only 15 feet from the door & with a good running start, you put your shoulder to the door & it pops open. The lock on the door & the upper hinge is broken, it appears it wasn't locked.


& yes its a female scream, high pitched.

Next up, Vil-hatarn!!


Current Map


(whoever hasn't acted, go ahead & pick a color, the top 2 colors are red-Shadowraven, light blue-Davor)

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EnT1 rushes past Davor, retrieving a large hammer slung across his back as Davor rebounds from the door. If one of the visible doors is open, he'll head straight for that one. Otherwise he'll try the one right in front of him, ready to take the hammer to it if it proves locked or otherwise stubborn.

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Opening the door reveals a tidy master bedroom, the bed has not been slept in for days.




Just after EnT1 push open the door to his right the door bursts open & a metallic creature emerges.




It stand a little over 5 feet tall. It appears to be made of plate armor but doesn't look as bulky. The head & upper torso appear to be human-like. In the center of it's head is a "eye" that shines brightly like a LED bulb, illuminating everything it looks at. The thing has 3 spider-like legs that it moves on. Panels appear to be missing exposing the wires & innards of the creature. As it moves sparks arc over the entire thing & a metal on metal grating sound is heard. It's movement is "herky-jerky" as well.


It appears to not notice you but continues to smash up the house. It turns & goes into the room to the North of where it came out of.


As it moves away you hear it speak in a alien like voice 


If you speak or understand Androffan you totally understand it.








(Are my links showing up? Computer they are but mobile they aren't)

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Working for me.


EnT1's eyes go wide at the appearance of the creature. As it speaks, his eyes narrow and his head tilts, first in curiosity and then in confusion. Wait, those words were in a different language... His train of thought is broken as the creature staggers into the wall on its path through the hallway.

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Ralif's hopes of a refreshing brew dispelled, he is almost startled by the woman's scream. "Bloody gears, that's from Baine's place!"


When his taller companions knocked the door open the metallic sound full reached him. The automaton everyone talked about? He saw enough contraptions in his life to recognize the sound of one that is badly malfunctioning and the danger it can pose.


Ralif runs (double move) towards the opened door and heads for the distressed scream, trying to put himself between the lass and the automaton. He stops at the door where the automaton is.


"Calm yerself friend before we has to smash ye up!" (Diplomacy, roll 14 - 1 = 13)

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