Well, this one is a work in progress, let's see together, shall we...   Queen 03511: Dungeon Tribes: Orc Matron and Brood (without the brood, unless they fit on the base)   King 02502: Nagrash, Orc Chieftan   -or-   02342: Skarr, Orc Warlord   -or-   02318: Ferach Orc Warlord   -or-   14560: Kavorgh, Black Orc Warlord   Bishops 03043: Surkar, Orc Shaman   -or-   02328: Lorath, Orc Shaman   -or-   14583: Hrodash, Orcish Painmaster (just for a different take, since they're orcs)   Knights 02212: Orc Riding Scorpion (Gods Above and Below, I wish these would fit on a 1.5" chess square!!!) Anyone know if I could put this rider on something else, like a lizard, boar or other mount for another race?   -or-   14632: Kargir Tundra Beast Rider (how long is this?)   -or, going a different way -   03277: Hyena Pack (2)   Would one of the orc riders fit on this, and would this guy's feet fit on 1.5" base? 14221: Nhoolyan , Hunting Beast, Reven Solo   The only other thing I can think of is the blasphemy of going to Mantic and using their silly mounted orcs...   Rooks I guess... 14292: Standard and Musician, Reven   -or-   02877: Mountain Troll Would his feet fit on a 1.5" base?   Pawns 06169: Lesser Orc Warriors(9) Reven Grunt       Thoughts, imput, ideas, alternatives, measurements, etc.?
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