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Sirs Kay on Mount and Galahad TBM

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Since I tend to paint these quickly I decided that I would paint two Miniatures in the same WIP.

This way it will take longer on my part, and anyone wishing to follow along won't be hanging onto the horse tail

to stay caught up.  Lots of things to keep my busy on these two. 

Sir Galahad has an outrageous designed surcoat with those jagged sleeves,

and his armor is so spiked it is mind bending.  Lot of opportunity to do something different on these.

I also have one face, and one helm to deal with.  These should be fun.  So two knights and a horse..hmmmm..


Will have to see where this takes off to.


Here are some photos.







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and he is off to the races again!  Hopefully with my work schedule I can keep up with it and ocassionally instigate offer helpful suggestions. :devil:

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I'm trying to slow down on these now.  I figured by tossing two into the ring;I would have to really think about what I am doing.

I also tend to make the two figures compete against each other in my decision making.  Galahad has me thinking of Black Armor.

Sir Kay is making me think Gray's and Blues.... I'm going to be using colors I usually DON'T touch in these.. just to amp the challenge

and make me use colors i really don't like.  Growth.  If you don't put your hands in the soil, slop on the fertilizer, and get dirty;

you ain't getting any crops !  So.. let get funky !

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I have just washed Galahad's armor with a black wash to give it some depth, and fill in the areas that

are jagged on his surcoat where it meets the armor.  A discovery while doing this process: ONE BRUSH destroyed.

The points of the armor, and the surcoat ripped up the bristles on the brush, caused wild hairs to appear everywhere.

I will attempt to recover it using a brush soap and re-pointing the brush.  It wasn't one of the expensive ones, but I don't like

burning brushes.  Just a word to the wise !

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Rain is coming in, and that is messing with my painting today.

I decided that I would put a mid-tone of Gun-metal Blue on the armor.

This isn't dry-brushed, its scale by scale painting.  I'm leaving edges black, and keeping out of the crevices.

I'll figure out a highlight when I get to that point. 

So here is Galahad.





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Happy to see how nice your brush control has gotten, you still get these figures done so quickly, but at the same time you are taking care to realize all the details. Great job!

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As I said above "I'm going to be using colors I usually DON'T touch in these.. just to amp the challenge and make me use colors i really don't like"

Well, if you have read a bit of my meandering comments, you know I do NOT like yellow.  It has lousy coverage, it flows everywhere you don't want it, and it is my color of last

choice.  So.. Here is a Surcoat ALL in yellow...9 coats of yellow..its an undercoat for what I have planned.  Nice foil for that black/blue though.

He kinda looks like New Jersey's State Bird "The Gold Finch"..ROFL.


Time to prep dinner for company.







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That's a nice bright yellow! A lot of yellows don't cover very well, but you are doing a great job of getting him started off.

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I would say the yellow is looking very good Jay.


....9 coats.. at least he will be warm over the winter!  ^_^

Edited by robinh
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I'm letting Galahad mull in my mind for a while, and switch my attention to Sir Kay

and his horse.  So in keeping with my theme here, I'm using a chestnut brown mixture that doesn't cover

well, and going nuts getting a base coat onto the horse. 

All those little straps requiring hand control, get color on the horse, and

then paint around all the fiddley bits.  Here is Sir Kay and his Chestnut Mare with what will be brown leather harnesses, and

probably brass/copper studs.






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Finally got everything cleaned up in the kitchen and got to enjoy some painting.

Here is Sir Kay and his horse finally getting to look like a war horse.

Trying to incorporate some darks, and some lights on areas like face, and muscle groups.

Got the harnesses to calm down some, so overtime he'll be tweeked to where he needs to be.

He may land up with white armor (another not liked color), but would work with the gray's that I am thinking about.


Here is Sir Kay and his Mount.






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