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Wow, I think that's the best painted Yardu I've seen yet. The colors really make the figure pop!


So what is the scale of the myth figures? Would the Grubbers be more like Goblins or be like Orcs? I am thinking Goblins but I am not so sure.


By the way nice job on these. Certainly make the minis look cool don't you?


The grubbers are pretty much person-sized.  They'd be your standard medium size in DnD.  In Reaper scale, they're bigger than Reaper goblins but much smaller than something like the Trey Manor orcs.


Flavor-wise, I agree with pinky that they're more orcish than goblin.

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Wow, I think that's the best painted Yardu I've seen yet. The colors really make the figure pop!



Thanks, it was a pretty fun one to paint up. I just struggled through the muckers a few days ago, I do enjoy the fact that these paint up easy (not a lot of little 'gotcha' details), but I've lost a lot of motivation to paint my Myth stuff. I think I eventually want to paint it all up and sell it as a completely painted set, since I've lost interest in the game itself.

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    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Kemvar are the third of the starter factions I've painted for MERCS: Recon. They come in the Assassination Protocol starter.
      Unlike the first 2 factions I painted where I just painted the 5 figures that come in the starter, for Kemvar I also dug out the Spy, Monkeywrench and Sniper, who were stretch goals in the Kickstarter.
      As with the other factions, these guys are just tabletop, and the bases are kept simple for board game play.  If I ever get around to playing the full tabletop skirmish game I might go back and redo the bases....
      Here's the pics.  (I'm still getting used to taking pics with the light arch and new backgrounds, these look a little bright....)


      The Leader.  

      The Heavy.

      The Monkeywrench.

      The Shock Trooper.

      The Sniper.

      The Spy.

      The Assassin.

      The Engineer.
      Here's an example of the published colour scheme.

      Hmm, should have looked at that when doing the assassin's blade...might need to redo that.....
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      I've finally started painting my second faction for MERCS: Recon, the CCC.  I'm not sure why, but I keep picking factions with yellow in their official colour scheme.  EU had some, but CCC is pretty much all yellow.  I don't do a lot of yellow and I'm not really comfortable with it, but I think I managed to do a not-terrible job on these guys, at least so far.  There are 5 figures in the squad from the starter box, but I've only gotten two finished so far.  But its the end of the month, so for the RPChallenge I'll start a showoff post now, and update when I get the other three finished.

      This is the CCC Leader, with his scanner for checking the contents of rooms without actually having to breach.  He also has a machine gun for when breaching is necessary.  The CCC seem quite well geared up on the firepower....

      And the Gunner.  She is all about the firepower.  She wears yellow and she shoots things...
      For this squad I did switch up the colour scheme a bit.  In most of the art work they tend to have a very black or blue-black body suit.  I went with the grey brown since I thought it would fit better with all the yellow, and make them look less like bumblebees.
      I should have the other 3 finished within the next week or two as they are all fairly far along.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Here we have the Level 2 Security Forces for the MERCS Recon game.


      These guys have survived the monotony of being a SecFor I lobby guard.  They've shown enough potential for the Company to actually spend some money on training them, so they get some armor to help protect that investment.  And a shotgun to aid in their normal job, which likely involves dispelling protesters or "dealing" with union issues.
      They are still pretty light weigh to deal with a squad of MERCS, but with their shotguns doing damage to everything in an area, they can cause some grief, and the damage they can do to the area itself can cause other problems for the MERCS.....
      The male figure went together well and is decent enough, for a mook.  The female figure is a rare (for this game) one piece fig.  They had some molding issues with her though so the facial details are a little ....vague.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Wave 2 of the MERCS:Recon KS arrived recently and got me thinking about painting up some more figures.  As July is not a great month for me to get painting done, I went with some nice easy Security Force mooks.

      These are the SecFor I figures for the game.  These are the lowest level threat to the MERCS.  I figure their normal day is such exciting tasks as escorting that accountant that messed up out of the building and keeping an eye on sales reps to make sure they aren't stealing company pens. But they were issued a gun and when the boss calls that there is a disturbance on the R&D floor they are gung-ho to investigate.  Unfortunately, when the disturbance is a squad of MERCS in heavy body armor and equipped with full auto weapons and flamethrowers...let's just say the company is always looking for new hires.....
      I actually started painting these guys at the track during Canadian National Superbikes, so I wanted something with a limited palette, which is why they all got the same skin tones.  The guys with the beards aren't too bad as figures, although there can be a bit a of gap at the elbow where the arms attach.  The bald guys have the worst gaps of any of the figs for Recon that I've assembled so far.  The rest will likely get a bit of putty.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Recently received Wave 1 of fulfillment for the MERCS: Recon kickstarter. While there are some quality issues (which they appear to be working on) the game itself seems pretty cool with a ton of replayability.
      Wave 1 was a copy of each of the two versions of the core game: Counter Threat and Assassination Protocol.  Each box comes with 20 plastic miniatures: 2 squads of 5 MERCS from different factions and 10 security forces (5 SecForII and 5 SecForIII, with all the copies in each box the same, but different sculpts between boxes).  Wave 2 will provide a LOT more squads and figures, at least with my pledge level.
      To play the game you don't need to have the SecFor miniatures, as they have counters as well, but you do need the MERCS, so they went to the top of the line.  After looking at the figures I decided to start with the EU faction, strictly because they looked like I could fully assemble them before painting, so should be the quickest to get going with (I did play one solo game with them after assembly and before priming just to try out the game (I lost.....but was -> <- this close to winning......))
      I painted the EU mostly at work, but ended up finishing them up at home today, so I can seal them tomorrow and we can play on Monday.

      I'll probably add some individual pics tomorrow morning when the light is better,
      From left to right are the Analyst, the Sergeant, the Leader, the Medic and the Shock.  
      I was just going for tabletop with the paint job, as these are to play with.  It's based off the standard colours from Megacon Games. The basing I kept really simple, but decided to go with the faction colours for the 4 quadrants on the base.  With all the squads I'll have I figured it was a way to make sure I had all of the right faction, plus one of the guys in my gaming group is visually impaired, so hopefully this will make it easier for him to pick the MERCS out from the SecFor, once I get them painted.
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