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Getting to Know Each Other--Dec 2014


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Question 28: What do you like in music?

I like variety. As I'm aurally challenged, its very hard to like the new stuff that's out but sometimes there's tokens. If I made a list of all the musicians I liked, we would be here all day. As of late though I've been listening to a lot of folk and indie music. I like the sound of the Civil Wars and Of Monsters and Men. Course that means I love Manchester Orchestra and Mumford and Sons.

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My favorite Pandora station is Cowboy Mouth+Yokko Kano (anime music)+Slobberbone.  My second favorite is Carolina Chocolate Drops+Gaelic Storm.


So a mix of Rock, Americana, Alternative, Bluegrass, and Celtic.  I'll also seek out Blues (Muddy Waters style mostly), Jazz (like Sun Ra) and Classical (Mahler Symphony #5 is a favorite).


ETA: Oh, and I've been relearning a LOT of Folk songs recently to sing to the baby.

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Question 28: What do you like in music?

Easier to list what I don't like: Nickelback, Country, most Rap, and most current Pop music (excluding KPop, I like KPop).


EDIT TO ADD: Nerdcore ranks near the top, if that helps clear things up.

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Q1:       What is your real name (first only is OK)?




Q2:       Where is the most amazing place you have ever gone and why, and where, if money and time were not an issue, would you most want to go and why?


1st Part  Tooth of Time, Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, NM it was an adventure of a lifetime and still a fond memory 31yrs later.


                                    2nd Space…The Final Frontier, on Terra Germany, Scotland, Japan, Russia


Q3:       What is the most memorable*/favorite costume** you have ever worn?


                                    The Dragon my mom made me when I was…8?


WQ1:    List five adjectives that best describe your personality.












Q4:       What was the first mini you ever painted (pictures/links if you can), and what is the story behind your choosing to paint it and start this hobby?


At this point I wish I still had them they were circa 1981, most memorable of them was a Djini with a large gemstone held aloft, painted with Testors Enamels.  It was part of discovering AD&D.


Q5:       What do you do for a living?


                                    Heavy and Highway Construction Management


Q6:       Do you have any pets, and, if so, tell us about them?


                                    The Family Dog, a 5 y.o. Weimaraner named Shadow


Q7:       If you won a Design Your Own Mini (DYOM) reward, what would you want created?


                                    Chronoscope Line         Construction Worker


Q8:       What was your introduction to miniatures and the surrounding hobby?


                                    See Answer to Question 4, it was part of my discovery of AD&D.


WQ2:    List your 5 favorite foods.












Q9:       Do you prefer Pewter, Lead, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic (Bones), or Resin minis and why?


                                    They all have their pluses,


                                                Pewter              Crisp


                                                Lead                 Malleable


                                                Hard Plastics    Oh well, Meh     :\


                                                Bones               Making the hobby affordable again


                                                Resin                Crispness smooth


Q10:     We are all passionate about minis, but what other activities do you enjoy?


                                    Scout Leader and Eagle Mentor








Q11:     If you suddenly had access to one free trip on a time and space machine, when and where would you go?


                                    To meet Thomas Edison or explore North America prior to Colonization


Q12:     If you could be a character from a fictional novel, movie, TV, etc..., living in their world, who would you be and why?


Hmm I like me just the way I am.  I might like to place myself in some of the fictional worlds and see how I hold up.


Q13:     Are you planning on attending any Gaming/Hobby (i.e. Fun) conventions in 2015, and if so which ones and why?


                                    Reaper Con 15…really do I need to explain why; it’s self-explanatory.  Isn’t it?


                        Sanael mentioned the MFCA show taking place, May 8th & 9th, 2015.  It’s nearby; within an hour’s drive anyway.




WQ3:    List your 5 favorite minis that you have painted.


                                    Ral Partha         Fire Giant


                                    Ral Partha         Ithilid    Bronze Medal Reaper Con 14


                                    Reaper              Reptus Turtle Dragon for my son


                                    Reaper?/AEG    Hida House Guard


                                    Ral Partha         Ogre Mage


Q14:     When preparing and painting a mini, what part(s) of the process do you dread/dislike the most?


                                    Changing my mind on how I was going to proceed.


Q15:     What is your preferred fictional genre?


                                    Fantasy is the brain candy of choice


Q16:     How much time do you spend on hobbies in an average week?


                                    5 hours every two weeks for game night.


Q17:     When faced with overwhelming, crushing stress in life; how do you relax before you end up putting your fist through a wall?


                                    Cooking, Eating, Vegging, Deep Breaths


Question 18:     What is your favorite holiday and why?


                                    Thanksgiving, time to reflect on the things you are thankful for and FAMILY


WQ4:    List your 5 favorite desserts/sweets.


                                    Red Velvet Cake


                                    Mincemeat Pie






                                    Lindt Truffles


Q19:     Considering miniature painters, whose work most inspires you?


Many of the members of these boards (Talespinner, Adrift, Cash, Clever Crow, Brushmisteress, Kuro Cleanbrush, Corporea, etc, so on and so forth)


Q20:     Where do you live?


                                    Northeast Pennsylvania


Q21-22: What are you doing for Thanksgiving and have you any special family Thanksgiving traditions you'd like to share with us?


It was the first time in 48 year I was not home for the Holiday’s as in my mother’s home with my brothers and sister, and all of our children.  We had a small gathering of our family since my step-son had to work Thanksgiving Day precluding his attendance at my mom’s.  So we had a smaller version at our house.  Our Family Tradition is GOOD FOOD.


Q23:     What is your favorite use for left-over turkey?


                                    I look forward to Turkey sandwiches with iceberg lettuce and lots of mayo


                                    Hot turkey w/gravy over biscuits


WQ5:    List your 5 favorite movies.


                                    Fifth Element


                                    Lethal Weapon


                                    Star Wars, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back


                                    When Harry Met Sally


                                    The Lord of the Rings Two Towers


                                                Only Five so cruel


December 2014:

Q24:     What class of miniature do you typically purchase and/or paint (PC, Humanoids, Monsters, Dragons, etc.. Feel free to make your own categories, just define what they are)?






Q25:     Star Wars, Star Trek, or Dr. Who; what's your preference?


                                    Star Wars and Star Trek


Q26:     If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?


                                    To have more time to change the things I would like to change.


Q27:     What personal accomplishment of yours are you most proud of (kids don't count)?


                                    Eagle Scout Award


                                    First Project as a Resident Engineer


Q28:     What do you like in music?


                                    Classic Rock


                                    Alternative Rock










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Music I like:


Pink Floyd



King Crimson




Mannheim Steamroller


The Eagles

The Beatles


Stone Sour

The Doors

A Perfect Circle

Bob Dylan

Willie Nelson

Jack Johnson

Johnny Cash

Billie Joel

Robert Johnson

Muddy Waters

John Lee Hooker

Blue October

Elmore James


Pearl Jam

Stone Temple Pilots


I could keep this up all day.

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Question 28: What do you like in music?

I like a bit of everything. I don't care for a lot of pop, most Rap, and some gospel. I listen to a lot of alternative, rock, classic rock, country, bluegrass, folk, and older metal. I like guitar a lot. And good drums. 

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Question 28: What do you like in music?


Good music.


Pretty much any genre, though as I get older I listen to less popular music and more traditional music (stuff like manouche, fado, roma, flamenco, etc). I'm approaching 10k songs across my 2 cloud stash spots now, I usually just put it on random.


On guitar I play classical, blues, rock, country and I'm trying to pick up some manouche.


Bass I mostly played professionally in a metal band, so I'm not very good outside those parameters - my physical skill is good but my knowledge is not. Unfortunately I don't have many recorded examples, but (long story) we finally got our demo digitized this year. It's from 1989 or 90, and pretty rough. I had been playing bass for around 6 months when we recorded it (I was originally 2nd lead guitar), and we ditched that drummer for a more progressive dude and moved to the west coast, aaand it was recorded live in a single take because we were broke.


Drums I mostly play funk, rock and blues; I don't play fills well so stay away from metal but I heart guys like Brann Dailor (Mastodon) and Thomas Pridgen (Mars Volta) with lots of snare and fills.


My singing voice I liken to a cross between Tom Waits and Howlin' Wolf...not too pretty. Hope to have some vocal work recorded soonish, my first scratch track turned out better than I thought (a very rough version of Angie by the Stones).

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Right now I'm happily enjoying some Christmas music, which I haven't been able to in years past because I've had to endure non stop Christmas songs at work.

But normally I'm a rocker. My favorite band is probably Blue Öyster Cult, whom I'll be going to see live next May. But mostly I'll listen to whatever fits my mood at the time.

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I'm in the 'a little bit of everything as long as it's decent' camp, but I certainly have favorites. Going by total duration in my music library, the top three would be game soundtracks (Jeremy Soule is a god; I also enjoy instrumental music in general), metal (especially symphonic metal e.g. Within Temptation), and anything with Celtic influences (New Age, Irish traditional since I used to fiddle, and groups like Gaelic Storm and Flogging Molly). My brother also recently got me hooked on The Glitch Mob, great background music for working.

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Mostly it's pretty much anything that would fall under the new wave of British metal banner, and symphonic metal

I do have a wide taste though, Wolf & I by Oh Land is getting a lot of play at the moment.

The album, Thirst for Romance by Cherry Ghost is one of the ones I'll happily give a full play of any time.

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