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Getting to Know Each Other--Dec 2014


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Hm. Well, I smoke cigars on occasion.

I'd have to say "bad movies." I love certain films that send everyone else screaming from the room unless Joel or Mike and the Bots are in there with 'em.


I find Manos: The Hands Of Fate to be hilarious in small doses; I can't watch even the MST3K version in one sitting. Same goes for Blood Freak, the only movie ever made about a bloodsucking wereturkey that can only feed on marijuana smokers... and it isn't a comedy. And, of course, Plan Nine From Outer Space is one of the greats.

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Collecting role playing game books that I will not use anytime soon and of course my little people, monsters, and robots. If my family knew how much I'd spent on Bones 2 I wouldn't have to wait till Easter to see a crucifixion. But being single does have its perks, I can spend on what I want and don't have to justify it to anyone else as long as everything is paid for the month already.

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I will drive 40 minutes to the only restaurant I know of that makes a REAL Jewish Rueben Sandwich....

I am allowed (by me) to have TWO..(no take homes, No one for the ride home in the car)... for the year !

Real NEW YORK RYE, Buttered and fried, heaps of Corned beef (Oh Swoon), honest barrel cured saurekraut, Mustard, with home made Russian dressing..gobs of it) topped

with Swiss cheese..  They serve you while waiting a BOWL of pickled green tomatoes, kosher dills, and pickled fingerling cucumbers...

And if you are pleasant, they will REFILL the bowl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh phoeey... I know where I am going for lunch tomorrow...

No Will power at all....

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When I was in college, they came out with a study (mid-90's) that SHOCKING, caffeine was addicting and a drug of potential abuse.  One of my favorite editorial ads had a picture of the Maxwell Halfway House.  For context, I routinely stopped and bought coffee on the way to and from work. I also consumed coffee by the pot load, literally.  I often just added cream and sugar into my carafe and drank directly from it.  I would drink between 4-6 pots of coffee a day.


So one night I woke up in a cold sweat, absolutely freaked out.  I had stopped at Dunkin Donuts to pick up my usual Large Hot Regular, when the clerk asked me for ID.  Figuring they were giving me crap I got out my license and they informed that I could not purchase coffee, as I was under 21.  New laws based on the study made caffeine a prohibited substance and was treated like alcohol.  So I completely lose my mind.  The cops get called.  Things escalate out of control.  Next thing I know I am on the lam. I wake up as I am being taken out like Bonnie and Clyde.


Because I couldn't get a damned cup of coffee.

I could not live in this world.


Neither could I :poke:

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Pepsi. I am totally bribable with pepsi on most occasions. To the point when a coworker wanted out of a job. I would do it and joke they owe me a pepsi now. Frequently I got one as they figured it was a small price to pay to get out of something they viewed as disgusting. I used to be a cleaner at a supermarket so I have a vastly different opinion of disgusting things.


Other vices include: 

Video Games (I am selective, but there are some I am adamant about owning)

Select chocolate



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