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Aw, man! Just got the email that found that I was part of a system glitch (I'm looking at you, Venelope) and so my package won't get shipped until tomorrow. Means I won't get to the videos for two weeks now.


I can haz pitchfork nows, right?

ditto  :down:

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Just an FYI, I have cut the bases down on all of the first 8 models in plastic to a size to fit into the new bases and they have no problem staying upright during play. I have also added a "penny" to give them a little weight as well.

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Also nice to see how straight those Dictator arms are. ::D:

That's the only downside I see. Of the 24 longish arms in the first 32 models, 4 are kinda straight. The other 20 range from slightly bent to "it looks like the robot is trying to hug itself". 3 models didnt wouldn't stand up at first.

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I got mine yesterday and got to unboxing last night but I live a few hours outside of DFW. I only had time to start sanding and cleaning a Dictator and just pre-assemble a few before my free time was gone. The hex bases are 1/4" smaller edge to edge than standard CAV metal hexes which will require some creative cutting and basing since 10mm CAV models are a bit big for a 1" hex.


What's in the box...

Group Shot:...




Hex Base Comparison...



Thanks for the pics. I had my doubts but those Bones Cav's look really nice. I still don't trust bones quite enough on spindly bits to buy sight unseen, but based on these pics, it's a pretty sure bet that I'll be picking a few up at my FLGS.  Definitely going to get me a dictator!


The bases, however represent a pretty big misstep.  The existing bases were already too small to contain many CAV's, so why did  they go even smaller?  They would have looked imposing and well balanced on a 40mm (or bigger) hex and would have had a nice space for basing. On a 28/30mm, they will be tottery looking.  I'm already committed to 45mm hexes, but even if I wasn't I certainly wouldn't be using the supplied bases for anything other than the smallest units.

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