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I'll do a proper inventory later tonight, but from a casual sift through the box I'll be touching base too.  Got a couple limb goofs, nothing major.  Not in a hurry either...gonna place a 12Days order anyway, so may as well just throw 'em in the box with that, no need to do a separate mailing or anything.


I will say this, though...the bases are a bit small compared to the figures, but came out very nice...can't wait to see a BSR on that base next to a proper BT model on the same...really drive home just how meaty CAVs are.  Looking forward to seeing the bases go up for sale on the store.


Here is a picture I took a while back with a metal CAV


A funny couple of things happened.  First a friend I play Warhammer with saw that I had picked up the BT box and told me he had some mechs that were a part of large Ebay lot he could trade to me.   Those mechs turned out to be CAVs.  Second the place I had ordered some of the Dropzone Commander plastics from delivered them to my door before I even knew they had them in stock. 


Anyway, I decided to take a quick shot:



That's the plastic Atlas from BT, and Vanquisher from CAV in the back.  In the front it's the APC, infantry and AA tank from DZC.



That looks like a metal CAV base, which is roughly 32mm from flat to flat, the new plastic bases are supposed to be 25mm (1inch) from flat to flat. The metal bases were a little small for some of the superheavies and the new bases are even smaller.

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I'm sure this is the wrong place, maybe work in progress that Doug mentioned would be better, but here is what I did to the running pose I wasn't fond of. I think I will keep this little guy now.






While I don't mind the running pose, I really like what you did with this.  May have to do something similar just to "mix it up a bit".  Thanks for sharing!  

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Just an FYI, I have cut the bases down on all of the first 8 models in plastic to a size to fit into the new bases and they have no problem staying upright during play. I have also added a "penny" to give them a little weight as well.


Thanks CAVBOSS.  I'll fiddle with it and see what I decide to do.  Where did you place the penny?  


I did cut down the Bones base on one of my Wights and it should fit in the new base...with the trailing leg hanging back.

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Got a couple limb goofs, nothing major.  Not in a hurry either...gonna place a 12Days order anyway, so may as well just throw 'em in the box with that, no need to do a separate mailing or anything.

except our system doesn't exactly work that way...

please send an email to [email protected] as outlined in today's CAV update.



Between this and the order mix-up about a month ago, I'm pretty awful at this whole 'being helpful' thing.  :down:  


Was going to e-mail after taking a proper inventory no matter what...that's just a sidelong remark about saving postage.

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Since this seems to be where everyone is posting their kickstarter pics, here are some size comparisons between metals and bone.  They are very close in height and general chunkiness, so I definitely won't nitpick minor differences.


Wight.  Bones on left, metal on right.




Assassin.  Bones on left, metal on right.




Spectre.  Bones on left, metal on right.




70s Dictator (unpainted, sorry).  Metal on left, bones on right. (sorry it's backwards to the above ones)



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For the curious:  

I had a lot of bendy arms in my shipment:  All of the Assassins, and all but one of the Dictators.  I followed SOP to straighten (bowl of boiling water, bowl of ice water) and I am pleased to report that not only did the fix work, but it took even easier than it has on previous BONES models I have worked with.  That is to say that nearly all of the arms basically straightened themselves out in boiling water.  I didn't have to hold them straight in the ice water, just boil, dunk - voila: straight arms. 


Your mileage may vary. 

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That should just immediately be shipped to me :poke:


In all seriousness, I don't know if that would help or just add extra traffic that might cause people with missing stuff to be buried.  I'd lean towards the extra traffic side, since they are not going to be asking you to ship it back.  I mean, if you received an entire extra ACE reward level, yeah, let them know.  A single mini.  <shrug>  Have fun with it.

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