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I am not a professional or expert. I started this WIP in case anyone else has the same struggles as I do with this fig. I am very open to suggestions.


The first problem I had with this model is that when placed on its base, with three feet in the provided slots, the figure has a significant lean to one side. 

As suggested by forum goers, I boiled him and dunked him in an icy bath to straighten him out. It seems to have worked. 


Now, It is two weeks later and I'm happy I didn't fill any gaps or start painting because the "lean" seems to have returned, although not as pronounced as before.

I'm going to retry the boil and bath and post the results here. 


Comments and suggestions welcome.

Thanks for looking.









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I don't see a lean in the second picture.  Am I missing something?




(Nice back-splash, BTW)

The second picture is immediately after the boil and the lean is gone. I didn't upload a pic from today but the lean is back. 

And thanks. I've been using leftover backsplash tiles for bases and D&D maps. They are exactly 1x1.

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