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CAV at ReCon, January 2004

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A section of Mark IV Treehuggers slowly advances using cover. The Wight wants to take this one home for next Christmas.



Meanwhile, team KODA has no need for sissy trees and walks around them. Just be glad KODA doesn't have any flamethrower units.



Sick of putting up with IFM, Mark IV makes a mad dash for the hill. Strangely enough, once the only CAVs left behind that hill were some missile support CAVs and some angry undamaged Mark IV superiority CAVs, that player got a phone call and had to leave the con.



Kai's Spartan of Ultimate Destruction charges Jeneki's Rhino of Ultimate Wussiness. Apparetly the Poltergeist's oh-so-state-of-the-art electronics scared it away, so it found an easier target.



Was there any doubt of this outcome? Yea, when the Rhino takes its first damage from IF which didn't even have target lock, things just go down hill from there.



Kahns, some of the fastest CAVs in the game, duel to the death point-blank in the forest. And this concludes the 40k game of the night.

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