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2014 Twelve Days of reaper thread...

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You are going to bankrupt me.  Completely.


OK, kids.  Don't bother getting Dad Xmas presents this year.  Just get him the 12day minis (I'll let you know which ones).  I'll even get you some as well.



On topic: Another virtual sale, if you find a store that doesn't have the greatest turn over (like my FLGS), sometimes you can get minis at retail price; retail from years ago.  As the cost of metal has increase, those old minis can be anywhere from 20-50% of the current prices.

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Is it wrong that I see the limited availability minis as a vehicle for filling my cart to get the daily mini from the promotion?



Reaper seems to like it when you patronize your FLGS.  The healthier the hobby, with distribution spread over a broad variety of stores, the better for everyone.


Err ... are we fanatics, then?


At this point I'm full-on radicalized. 



In 2011, I think I owned one Reaper miniature, and it was sitting in its blister at the bottom of a box. (02701: Thor)


3 Reapercons, 4 holiday promotions and 3 Kickstarters later, I have... more. :ph34r:

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Bryan or any one official


Any idea when what may go up for 12 days will be announced?




possibly later this week.


I have that info in my e-mail but do not yet have clearance to post it.

This guy is doing the happy dance now!

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When will the 12 Days of Reaper sale be starting? I can't wait to plan out my shopping again. Last year was a riot.  ::D:



I would assume 12 days before or around Christmas or when Reaper decides to close up shop for Christmas holiday.  ^_^

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I have a prediction.

The surprise boxes will go even faster then some of the visible minis.


As a side note, I was able to aquire the LE rock even though I was not able to snag a goody bag. I went to my (not quite local)  FGS and they had the rock there and had the paints but were not aware why they d arrived. I explained and snagged the rock right away ( they did not charge for it) heh heh heh.


Last year at this time. I had 0 Reaper minis.  A friend of mine showed me some of the kickstarter items and I wanted a few add ons. Then I helped out in the 12 days of reaper and traded the sophies to my friend for other minis, then there was that great ebay sale of the original kickstarter items.. and well... I think im into 3 digits of minis.

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