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2014 Twelve Days of reaper thread...

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I received my second order in the mail today, many more paints! All my orders have been paint, since I have so many figures still to do and I'm awaiting the upcoming Bones II delivery. Sadly, instead of receiving the Christmas Familiars, I got RC 11 Sophie. I double-checked that my invoice did say I should get the familiars.  This is actually my first Sophie, and I like the Sophies (all of them!), but my fiancée was really looking forward to those familiars. I've emailed customer service, but I don't know whether it can be fixed, since it was a free thing. C'est la vie. Anyway, more paints! I better go paint something! 

I'm pretty sure we will fix that. 

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I wanted to wear a dark suit and use ear buds to pretend I was true secret service.


Instead I just had to go in my pajamas and bathrobe.  All day.


It's not creepy at all standing outside an elementary school in pajamas and a bathrobe and slippers, directing traffic, escorting walkers into the building, overseeing afternoon dismissal, etc.  :lol:


I made damned sure my school ID was visible yesterday.

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