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Kuro Paints a Vampire Lord (with videos?)

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I will definitely put together a little tutorial film (hopefully tonight)!

I tried a few months back to see how I could set up for video using my DSLR. I never realized how much I move around, auto-focus will have to be turned off, etc. I think if I had a laptop to tether the camera to so I could see the video as I'm recording it would help a lot.



I saw your reply on the New Content page, and for a moment imagined you were doing a video TOO, and my head kinda exploded a little.


When I did the paint review videos, what I did with the camera was check the area I could see of my desk. I placed stuff strategically to remind me of that boundary, and kept my hands there. I did not had dynamic autofocus so I also had to keep my hands at a certain height over the table... yet I think I was quite sucessful at it.


Being able to see the video stream is ideal. Does your DSLR have HDMI output? I am told THAT is the way to go.

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Yeah, I do have HDMI out, might need an A to B cable, though. Another problem is I paint on my sofa, with my foot on the coffee table, basically I rest the mini on my knee. It's a horrible position and adds to the difficulty in filming!


Sounds like an akward position to film, yes.  :wacko:

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@Cash:  Yeah, holding still and figuring out the focus (all while also not blocking the view yet getting close enough to the mini to paint all of that fine detail) has been quite the battle!


@robinh and OneBoot:  Both videos it is then!



Okay everyone!  After quite a long, long time in the video editor trying to trim things down from over 30 minutes to just under 15, I think I have a video for you all!



In this little clip, I demonstrated how to paint the upper half of the plate on his arm:





And, with the rest of my painting time, I finished up the metal on his legs:





Let me know what you think of the video and whether or not it was clear enough!


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I should be working, not watching videos  :devil:


Music is great, and you are very clear with the explanations.


Thanks! Liked and subbed!


BTW, seeing the mini moved around, I think the codpiece looks better because the final highlight is more limited, if I make any sense.


Edit: It's the first time I hear of "triangles" in this context (I mean, stress load triangles I know, but in painting?). Can you elaborate?

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I started a thread for the side topic of the mechanics of shooting video here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58211-creating-videos/


I'm interested in how you shot this, as it looks great! If possible, a pic of your setup from a 3rd person perspective would be great, so we can see how the camera is set up while you're in actual painting position.

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Thanks everyone!  Glad you liked it!



@Willen:  What I was meaning is this:  




With NMM over flat surfaces, generally painting triangles of the highlight and shade colors mimics the behavior of metal fairly well.



@Cash:  Having a discussion thread for videos sounds like a great idea!  I just snapped some photos of my setup and will get them over there ASAP!



@Adrift:  Well, I have to confess that you were one of my major inspirations for starting to branch out in my painting more and more.   ::):  I saw how good you were getting so quickly and realized that my fear of trying new things was really holding me back!

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Would love to like it more.


TBH, my main problem imagining NMM on a mini are flat surfaces. THAT post of yours, breakthou moment. Thank you so much.


Awesome!  I have to give credit for most of my NMM theory to Laszlo Jakusovszky and his Hot Lead:  How to Paint a Better Miniature DVD.  In that, he essentially taught that you can paint all metal either with triangles of lights and darks (if you are working on a relatively flat piece) or else with columns of light and dark (if you are working on a more cylindrical piece).  For a cylindrical piece, the light placement is more:  mid => mid light => light => dark => mid dark => mid


@chaoshead:  Thanks!  That little guitar riff is something one of my younger brothers whipped up for me as an intro to "The Halls of Metal" (a weekly power/symphonic/folk/heavy metal radio program I host on my school's station).

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