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Kuro Paints a Vampire Lord (with videos?)

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Hey everyone!  Sorry I've been gone so long for the holidays, but I'm finally back and hoping to get another video posted in a couple days!  (This time on blending, as has been requested several times, before I finish up the cloak and move on to the eyes.)


However, one of the main things that has been keeping me from this guy is work on a Wood Elf Blood Bowl team for a league that just started at my FLGS (I'll post pictures of them soon too), so I haven't been a total slacker with regard to miniatures.  :;):


Anyway, here's where we are at right now with the Vampire Lord:







I'm loving how the colors are turning out, and I'm thinking of titling the whole piece "Blood, Fire, and Darkness" with color choices that reflect on that theme.  ::):

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Don't know how I missed this until now, but...


<expletive deleted> yeah!


Bring it! In fact, get another of these guys, start from scratch, make DVD, other stuff, profit! SOLD!


The red armor makes me think of Gary Oldman's Dracula, only about 1000 x cooler!

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Damnit Kuro. If you keep this up, I'll be visiting you at the artists table at Reapercon.

Right next to Corporea! I love how you guys keep pushing me to up my game! I may never catch ya, but it's fun trying :)

Oh hush. You don't get to praise others... ;p

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Thanks a bunch, everyone; you guys are awesome!


No new work on that vampire yet (unfortunately), but I did get that new Layering Tutorial Video that I've been promising posted on YouTube!  Hope you all can get something out of it, as it is basically everything I learned from the amazing Rhonda Bender (and others) at ReaperCons of past years!

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I really like how this figure is going.  only thing that stands out (and it might be just me) is that the stars? on the back of the cloak feel to uniform.  Throwing a constellation in might be an idea.


Loved your video on layering.  Think I'll give your method a go on my next figure.

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