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Foldio 2 - Kickstarter


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Just saw this pop up in my email. I didn't get in on Foldio 1, but I might get this one.


Foldio2, “BIGGER & SMARTERâ€


Foldio is the first pop-up studio for your smartphone. It becomes bigger and smarter. Feel the thrill of taking awesome photos.


About this project

We believe that it is possible to show that photography is no longer difficult and burdensome for non-professionals, by creating a better environment in which everyone can easily take high-quality pictures with a smartphone

Foldio becomes more powerful and easier. You can experience the thrill of taking great photos by yourself with Foldio.


7775c9983c1c9b156b8260e9b2099254_large.jHOW IT FIRST CAME ABOUT

People take pictures with smartphones easily enough, but it’s difficult to get high-quality pictures due to random lighting or the background, especially for photography intended to promote a product.

In comparison, a photo studio has backgrounds and lighting which are completely controlled, which results in high-quality pictures. However, much time is needed to get the setting right, and the rental cost is quite hefty.

So we started to design a photo studio for use with a smartphone - a simple, easy-to-use portable studio for everyone.

Foldio (a portmanteau of "foldable" and "studio") is portable photo studio with a foldable design for smartphones. Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take studio-quality pictures. This is our ambitious project intended to unfold a whole new level of possibilities in smartphone photography.



Foldio 2 is bigger and smarter in order to overcome the limitations of the 1st version of Foldio. Yet, we still focused on maintaining the portability and all-in-one studio style of the original.

Bigger Size - More Subjects are welcome

We increased the volume by 200% compared to the original Foldio.


It allows you to take pictures of a wider variety of subjects. Get in touch with your tremendous creativity.



Brighter Atmosphere - Powerful LED Strip with Adapter

LED brightness is improved by using dual LED light strips twice as long as the original one.


To maximize the LED light strip’s ability, we are going to use an adapter for Foldio 2. The Foldio adapter helps to make the lighting conditions and atmosphere consistent as well as being more practical than using batteries.


If you have existing lighting devices also, it’s perfect for taking pictures with Foldio.

Simple Magnetic Structure - Set Up the Studio in 10 Seconds

We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback about the foldable magnetic structure from 1st-gen Foldio users. So we will apply the same structure to Foldio 2 for convenience and simplicity.

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Hmm. We have the first Foldio. It's nice, but Hangar 18 backdrops are too wide to fit in it. This will solve that issue...


Good point, I've been thinking about those Hangar 18 backdrops as well. I'll see what I get for Christmas before buying things like that, but with 44 days to go on this KS and all EB's already gone, I'm not in a hurry.

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Darned. If this had come a couple of months earlier, it'd have made the perfect Christmas gift for a photo-crazy friend. As is, will have to see if I can invest in next year's presents this December.

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And I am also in that boat together with Olaf and Doramos. This seems like it might be the thing for me (I've been struggling with photography, and pictures have just ended up way too dark), but I'd love to hear some opinions on the first one, specifically from the perspective of miniature photography of course.


Here are a couple short reviews I found, they're pretty favorable:



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Here's a link to my review of the first Foldio.  http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54503-foldio-portable-light-box-review/?hl=foldio


After using it for a while, I would say it was well worth getting and I think I will be picking up the larger one as well. It takes only a few minutes to set up and take down. Though the leds were placed differently than my review shows. They are now both mounted on the top.

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