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Cash's Paint-by-Numbers setup thread


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Voted. My votes appear to have been duplicated by someone...maybe by more than one someone. Go, Chuppa, GO!



EDIT: Went back to look at the numbers, and I guess it doesn't show the total number of votes. Wanted to see how many people voted for each one, rather than percentages...percentages are boring: they almost always come out to 100.

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I did that intentionally. Let people peek the first week and then shut off peeking the second week :) I'm devious at times. I put it on FB, and I know at least one person who voted from there based on the three minis she picked :)


It will run 'til Tuesday (har), so if anyone hasn't voted, git your votes in now!


And remember, this is a paint-by-number project. It's a back-burner thing, but YOU will be choosing how I paint it; styles, colors, basing, everything will be up for a vote like this. I've even avoided the temptation to vote for my favorites on the list!

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doesn't seem to no. I'll donate one to the cause though.

Woah, very generous of you Scott!



I mean, I own the molds, the casting equipment and resin already.  If I don't screw it up its like 20 minutes of actual work to cast a master.  Plus, it would be cool to have pictures of a painted one!

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