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Skulls and Shackles Pathfinder Minis

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We like to use minis even when playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game rather than cards as our tokens, so I went ahead and got the metal versions of the minis for S&S that we aren't getting in Bonesium for Bones II. Fun to paint, even if Pathfinder minis are always about finding some buckle, strap, knick-knack or other that you missed. Lirianne has a bit of a head-size issue that has been previously well documented, but I'm definitely not able to sculpt a fix myself (still working on sculpting, but slowly, a face is way out of my league). 











Thanks for looking!

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Nicely done on all 3 of these and I see what you mean about that head, I am painting the war priest myself right now and we almost have the same color selection. Btw what is pathfinder, I thought it was a D&D based RPG but you mentioned it was a card game?

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Nicely done on all 3 of these and I see what you mean about that head, I am painting the war priest myself right now and we almost have the same color selection. Btw what is pathfinder, I thought it was a D&D based RPG but you mentioned it was a card game?


Pathfinder is a whole bunch of products produced by Paizo, but the main product is a pencil and paper RPG, yes. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a great game based in the same world with the same iconic heroes, etc, but scaled down to a persistent deck building game that takes about 1/2 hour to an hour tops to play a module.


The stories aren't as in depth (I believe intentionally so that they do not spoil anything from the RPG), but the game is really fun.


EDIT: Really, the issue with Lirianne is mostly neck-length, not head size (though the head is small for a mini). But that neck is like 2-3 times the length a normal neck is.

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Smart move. I don't have my copy of S&S yet. When the BGG forum dies down, could you post there which miniatures we need for which characters, and which ones will be available in Bonesium? Thanks!

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    • By AutumnHare
      I finally finished all the Pathfinder Iconics.  (Until Bones 4 arrives.)
      Some of them turned out great, and for some, the best I can say is that they arent much worse than a pre-paint would be. 
      Either way, these guys will be called into service whenever a generic NPC is required. 
      89038 Oloch, Warpriest

      89037 Quinn, Investigator

      89036 Reiko, Ninja

      89017 Imrijka, Inquisitor

      89018 Sajan, Monk
      89019 Nakayama Hayato, Samurai

      89020 Harsk, Ranger and 77216 Biter, Badger

      89022 Alahazra, Oracle

      89023 Balazar, Summoner

      89025 Alain, Cavalier

      89027 Lini, Druid and Droogami, 77216 Snow Leopard

      89034 Crowe, Bloodrager

      And lastly a group shot of all the Iconics, including the ones from Bones 1:

    • By evilcoatrack
      I put off buying this model for awhile since I planned on her representing an important character in my weekly D&D campaign and wanted to wait until I could do her justice.  She's one half of a pair: I will also be working on her squire in matching colors.
      In my game world, she is Fiorela Alierin, a distant cousin to the kingdom's queen and a legendary hero.  She currently serves as Knight Captain of the Queensguard, and you can feel free to read about her on Page 2 of my Work-in-Progress Factions document for the game:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JTx1z9sFbKc9HnE0HRnmT0cg6skvXLR6x3j0-wZZmfo/edit?usp=sharing
      My apologies for some shine in the photos.  I had just sealed her with dullcote and left her at my LGS on display just before it closed.  I didn't notice the wet spots until after I took the pictures (of course).

      This was my first real go at NMM, and so far I'm happy with it.  Still need to work blending, but her sword was thin enough that this one was fairly easy to work out.
    • By dks
      I ran a Works-in-Progress thread for this figure here: link.
      The abridged version:


    • By dks
      I like the Pathfinder iconic character designs. 
      I've painted most of the figures of them that Reaper makes.  (I even sculpted some of them.)
      Reaper makes a figure of the iconic gunslinger from the Ultimate Combat book: a half-elf named Lirianne. 
      link to Lirianne art, by Wayne Reynolds
      link to Lirianne backstory, by Crystal Frasier
      The Reaper figure is good and has fine detail, but Bobby Jackson sculpted her during his recent "small head phase". 
      link to photo of unpainted Reaper figure
      The other iconic human/elf/half-elf figures have heads that are 1/6 to 1/7 of their height; the head of the Lirianne figure is about 1/9 of her height and she has very narrow shoulders, so I think she would look out of place next to the other iconics on my display shelf. 
      Resolved: I'll resculpt her head at a size consistent with those of the other iconics.
      The bigger head will also provide me enough room to paint those freckles on her nose.
      I'll make some other adjustments to suit the bigger head, such as broadening her shoulders and reshaping her hat.
      The figure wears a cloak, but I interpret the outer garment in the original art as a short-sleeved leather duster (coat), so I'll resculpt the cloak, resculpt the red scarf as a separate article, and resculpt the sheathed sabre so it appears to be on the outside of the duster.  I'll also fill out the poofy sleeves of her shirt, and I'll extend the butts of the pistols a bit.
      Step 1-A: Chop.  Using my flush-cutters, I cut away most of the head, leaving a nub over which to sculpt a new face.  I also started to reshape her hat -- not visible in the photos.  I cut away part of the back surface of the cloak, but I didn't consider that the sabre should really go on the outside of the coat. 
      Step 1-B: First application of putty = a new face!  This took about an hour, with one batch of Green Stuff.  I also added some putty to the butts of the pistols (though the putty later fell off of the right-hand pistol).  I put some putty on for the new "coat", but quickly realized that the sabre should go over the coat, so I scraped off most of the still-soft putty.  You can see the remnants of the green on her back.
      Step 1-C: Chop a lot more.  The flush-cutters made short work of the cloak, including the connection to the back of her right leg and the back of her scale-mail skirt.
      Step 1-D: When the face had cured hard, I carved away some of the forehead so the hat will look natural when fitted on top of the head.  The head is therefore flatter than it would be if she weren't wearing the hat.
      Step 1-E: Cut into the front and sides of the neck, so there is just enough metal that I can repose the head.  I turned her head to the right, so she can be looking up and to the left as in the concept art.
      Here's how she looks after a busy Step 1.
      I didn't take a photo of the figure earlier because I didn't expect to post this WIP thread, but I intend to document my steps from here on out.
      Thanks for reading,

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