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America Returns to Space - Orion launched


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This morning at 7:05 Eastern Time, the Orion Deep Space Vehicle was successfully launched from the Cape atop a Delta IV Heavy Lift Rocket. This is an unmanned mission to test the systems, at this time it has been a flawless mission. At 8:05 Mountain time it should reach its highest altitude of 3600 miles, the farthest flight of any space vehicle since the Apollo Missions. It was suppose to launch yesterday but due to some cranky valves and high winds at the Cape, the launch was scrubbed.




The only disappointing thing for me is this is the first space exploration mission that has not directly involved a member of my family. My brother is currently working on the James Webb Space Telescope and was not involved in designing any of the components for this mission.


For those of you who feel that the space program has little or no impact on your lives here is a quick look at products that were a direct result of our manned space missions (this is a short list). http://kearth101.cbslocal.com/2011/07/21/list-stuff-we-use-everyday-that-was-invented-from-the-space-program/

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Forget products and unknown tech benefits.  The exploration itself is a worthy cause. The long term survival of the human race is dependant upon exploring and settling new worlds.  We have an imperitive to move out from our world and settle the rest of our solar system and then worlds around other stars for a simple reason, we must or we die.

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we need someone to work on finding pigments/ways of coloring flags that won't fade.  The UV light blasting the moon has faded all of our flags planted there by the Apollo astronauts to pure white by now, we need replacements so the aliens know we aren't surrendering when they come.  It really is a shame that happened, that is the one thing most people know of that mars our national accomplishment of landing men on the moon (the fact that the astronauts left their garbage, including their used diapers, up there is the one most really don't know about or want to know).


And for our northern friends, we are forever indebted to you for the arms that were used in our space shuttles, Thank you.

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