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Hex base question (Bones CAV KS base vs. custom hex base?)


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to set the facing hex face, is anyone painting something specific to the 'front' edge to make it easier to identify (especially given some of the ACE8 don't quite fit on the plastic bases properly)


Some ideas.  On my early BattleTech figures, I used to paint the name or model number of the 'mech on the front hex.  In Warmachine they use round bases, but facing does matter so some people indicate the front arc by painting it a different color, giving it a gloss coat with the rest of the base dull coated or painting some sort of decorative markings across the front arc.  

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Late to the party here, but I've used 45mm hexes in 3mm from Litko (plywood) and GF9 (they formerly did custom bases in MDF), in 3mm MDF and have been very happy with them. I like bases to be a bit on the larger size for stability on terrain and to have the room to do dynamic posing if and scenic basing if I want too.


The models aren't not CAV's but you can see them finished and based with with common Mechwarrior clix in these two galleries.





This guy isbig!



But this one is similar in size to most medium range CAV's



Here's a 45mm compared to a 25mm hex (The CAV hexes are 30mm, yes?)


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The more I looked at the bases, the more I realized I didn't want hex bases - just a personal decision. I did some measuring and went out to the workshop and cut 1 3/4" discs from mdf with a hole saw.


The mdf is that brown board, the same as the pegboard (sans holes). The 1 3/4" was a good balance between the sizes of hole saw bits that I had and the sizes of the CAVs - it seemed to fit the best for the smaller ones as well as the larger ones.


I'm still waiting for the glue to dry, but I'll post as soon as I can get some pictures uploaded.

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I ordered some more back 2 base-ix bases from eBay. This time 30mm and 50mm to go with the 40mm pieces I already bought. Here are some pics for size comparison.


The 3 bases side by side, I labeled them so it would be easy to see the difference.



The 3 in a stack, 30mm 40mm 50mm











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