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CAV: SO Friday Feature [12/5/2014]


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I had forgotten about those in the back of the beta book. Are those the final ones though?




Actually...I'd like to change my earlier vote and concur with Mastergunz for the "final" versions of the initial 8.  


I would suspect the data cards in the back of the preview are indeed beta as the new look cards CAV BOSS has given us for the Dictator B (605) and Halberd (761) are different TVPs than what's in the preview book (743 and 719 respectively).  I didn't cross check SAs, weapons, etc.

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The updated cards for the first 8 plastic CAVs are in the card program. Ive fixed the broken link in the CAV: SO Friday Feature Master Link Page but I will get the new pretty cards done for them for this Friday along with 2 or 3 more.

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I of course would love to see all the adon units and please explain to me why I heard/read that the scorpion was being removed from the game?

<shrug> reasons… <_<


But the headless AT-AT Simba is in!


With the building rules we should be able to make a Scorpion...

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Now I got a reply that all the multi-legged Adon mechs have been retired. 

I will try to do them in the card program.

I did try to do an ogre as per the game one and could not reproduce the same unit.

So I am figuring that all standard / Reaper units will not be able to be made from the card program to keep them unchanged.

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