Well, I need a consensus on one more piece.   For the Rook, the Standard Bearer seemed quite popular:   14531: Dwarf Standard Bearer   She was winning hands down, but a dark horse reared it's head near the end of the thread:   14304: Logrim, Dwarf Captain   Possibly on this base: 77303: Male Paladin (though I'm not crazy about it being in Bones, as the rest of the custom plinths will be dental plaster and a different style...although, dwarves...do need a different style than what I used for humans/undead...)   This is the dental plaster plinth I used for the other set:     Maybe use the 'castle' plinth for the whole dwarven set?   Ok, two opinions, then...   Figure (with/without plinth), use that plinth for whole set?   Or I could do a custom plinth for the rest based on something like this (though obviously much smaller, don't know how that would work without going too high)?