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CAV Production Time Line


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    • By Watchman
      I mentioned this project in: CAV Non-commissioned job in the Show Off section.  I had prints made of these map boards:   I am using this Hot Wire Foam Factory cutting unit to cut up the foam insulation sheets.   I have cut up the first of many prints, but next time I will do it in a progression rather than all at once.   I found it would be much easier to cut out the largest level first as a pattern to mark the foam. Then the next level, mark the foam and so on. Here the Level2 water is on the table directly, the Level1 water is on 1" of foam (2 sheets of 1/2").  The transition from 2 to 1 is a full level.  Now you will see not all of the Level1 pieces are glued down.  These will be the gradual transition levels from ground to Level1, so they will be 1/2" above actual Level1 water.  So you can see there is a slope at some points to entering the water to Level1 but a drop off  to Level2.   So in this picture you can better see all the green areas will be covered with the next layer of foam and the loose Level1 water will be glued to that.   As well as here.  It is obvious this is my first attempt at free hand cutting with the Hot Wire cutter.  It will take some practice to gauge the cuts to avoid running into the back stop.  Also you need to stop before the point you want to reach at an intersection or a turn as there is a small amount of flex to the cutting wire so it catches up when you stop.   At this point there will be a bridge constructed to support CAVs crossing the bridge. Also the bridge is on an upper level so all CAVs will be able to pass under the bridge with no problem.   So much more to follow.  Anyone with suggestions or pointers speak out as this is my first attempt at terrain features instead of a flat battlefield.    
    • By Watchman
      The current TO&E Excel Spreadsheet is ready. Anyone who wishes a copy send me your e-mail.  This chart will be updated as I receive more data from you.   This is an enhanced chart.  It includes your personal unit structure, from the various Faction Forums, besides CAV Universe formations.
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