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Infantry Miniatures questions???


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So, I am looking to get some infantry for CAV... so I look on the website and find the following:


PA Medium Mortar:  It shows three hex bases with troops for $5.99... Or is it really just one hex base with three different views in the picture?


Same for this PA Infantry, Panzerfaust: where the middle hex has the front guy kneeling, and the other hexes do not have a guy kneeling


The reason I am asking is this:  Heavy Infantry, Heavy Mortars: doesn't have a picture.  When I ordered it (took a chance), it came with one sprue with four men on it.


Now, if I can order the first two links and receive 3 sprues of troops plus the hex bases, it makes more sense than ordering just the single sprue of soliders (however, there is not a heavy infantry, heavy mortars "set" for $5.99).  I think some of this is due to the reorganization of numbers between CAV 1 and CAV2, but that is just a guess on my part.


Also, I probably need to review the CAV:SO rules to review what infantry will be viable (have not had the chance) before ordering any more....


Anyone care to enlighten me?

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I ordered some infantry recently.


Each package has three hex bases and 12 tiny figures on three sprues to glue on the bases how you like.


The heavy infantry you ordered was a Boneyard bit, one sprue of four figures.


BTW, I ordered just before Reaper swapped from metal to plastic bases. That's apparently why the prices have bounced around a bit. As I understand it at first they doubled to reflect the increasing price of metal, then the prices dropped nicely as the big, heavy bases were replaced with lighter plastic.

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For future reference, any part number that starts with P is a boneyard piece...one sprue of a larger kit...useful for kitbashing, or replacement parts if you manage to break something during assembly.  Some prices in the CAV section are still wonky on account of "the big whoops", as I've taken to calling it.  Here's what I've been able to piece together from various forum posts:


As the price of metal increased, CAV's formula was changed to P-65 to keep the price of figures down...but with the demise of the P-65 line, the CAV line had to switch back to tin-based, and any future castings were made with the tin-based formula[1].  Prior to August, I and some others noticed that individual figures were starting to get inventory counts on them, and were removed if left in the cart too long[2]...and while not mentioned in that thread, noticed that CAVs with an inventory count cost more than figures without.  Knowing what I know now, I can only assume that individual prices went up in price as stocks of that figure's P-65 version ran out.  Back in August, the entire line was adjusted to reflect the higher cost of the tin formula...the prices increased across the board, a flat 100%[3].


It caused quite the stir, which is how we got the explanation about formulas...and also set off a 'we should double-check this' reaction[4].  Unfortunately this was right in the middle of the CAV Kickstarter *and* the Artist Conference, meaning staff was shorthanded.  CAVBOSS, head of the line, did what he had time for...recalculating the prices based on actual material cost for some of the figures.  The same time was when the decision was made to drop bases from the BSRs (Big Stompy Robots) themselves to keep costs down.  He wasn't able to get all of the pieces recalculated (as the $30 Crusader and $25 Game-scale Lynx plane attest)...nor did he have time to do the boneyard pieces, and they were deactivated for a huge portion of the CAV catalog[4].


And that's where we sit.  I'm hoping once things calm down...Reaper's currently dealing with CAV KS early bird fulfillment, fixing the Chinese factory's errors during the same, spinning up Bones II Fulfillment, running the Christmas promotion, running the 12 Days promotion, wrangling technical difficulties with their mailing lists, and conducting day to day business...that they'll have enough time to go over the entire CAV catalog and get it sorted out once and for all.

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Thanks for the explanations!


I remember ordering the parts because they were significantly cheaper than ordering the complete sets (I was thinking the sets were in the $13 range).


If the kits come three to a pack with the plastic bases (now that they are made inhouse), then it makes more sense to order the kits.


I have one more Christmas order to make, so I will throw a few of those in on that order.

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