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Aelfrith - Dragon Blooded Sorcerer

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Posting more of the things I painted over the last two months or so.  A friend of mine started up a new game, so I wrote up a half-elf Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer (Pathfinder) and painted this guy to fit:




I actually based this guy a while back - I was playing with cobblestone bases and this was an experiment.  I cut all the broccolli off of him but left the area beneath his feet and skirt, glued him down to a fender washer (1") and built the cobblestone base around him with GS.  Keeping the sides from bowing out took a bit of work (I didn't prevent it entirely) so I did most of my scuplting when it had firmed up a bit.  Next time I think I'd cut in a bit more around the skirt, but all in all I'd call it a sucessful experiment.


Bit of trivia - the top word of the scroll reads "Hwaet," which is Old English for "Hear" (the implication is "listen to me") and is the first word of the poem Beowulf.  My local SCA group did an event where we performed Beowulf in its entirety (over 20 people doing the various parts,) we even dressed up the hall to look like an Anglo Saxon meadhall.  It was fun. :)

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feels great painting up the model for use as a character, dunnit?  well done!

It does, actually.  One of the reasons I took this up was to paint my own characters.  Of course, that leads to customizing them... :)


OOoohhh another great version of this guy! That red crystal is memorizing! Thank you for sharing. 

This was my first crystal - it was a bit on the time-consuming side.  I did, in fact, paint out the edges with white but it was too stark so there was a lot of blending and glazing.  In the end I do think it came out well - very slightly rough in places but over all very well.


I love that sculpt.  Your color choices are spot-on.  Well done!

Yeah, he's a neat guy and not hard to paint at all.


Thanks to all of you for the kind words!

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Indeed it is a nice mini and your freehand on the scroll is very well done ;)



Nice job on the cobles, but I am most impressed with the freehand on the scroll. I can never get lettering to come out that nice.

For the free hand I tried practicing with a brush a number of times, then I gave up and used a micron pen.  I still practiced it a number of times to make sure I could get it in the space.  Also what you see up there is my second attempt - the first didn't come out so well so I painted over it and did it again.  This also gave me the lesson - make sure the ink dries before painting over it.


After doing the writing it was too stark and unnatural, so I glazed it once or twice with very dilute linen white.

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