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Thanks, everyone.  I've been really pleased with how he's turned out so far.  I spent a little bit of time working on his armor.  I initially wasn't sure what to do with the odd texture, but the only thing that makes sense to me is that it's supposed to be leather.



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Thanks!  The figure is made by an independent sculptor, Olivier Bouchet.  This is one of his newest.  You can get it through his website.  Check the link below.  It's got all the information you need to order one if you want

[link removed]


Ha, if I can find a warp spasm version I'll add it to the to do list. =)

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I continued on with more of the detail work.  With the hair, fur, and shoulder pad finished I was able to add his other arm and sword.  I did a few celtic inspired designs for tattoos as well.  These were Soft Blue mixed with Fair Skin, then a few glazes of the skin tone to help tie it all together.



And then I went in and put in a little blood from the claw scratches sculpted onto the shoulder.


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