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Guy of Gisborne here is going to be my Christmas present for my mom, so I'm trying to knuckle down and get him done this weekend.  I'm taking a short break to post the progress so far.  There are a couple inspirations for this miniatures - the first dog we had growing up was a beagle named Tungsten; and my mom has a "dog" bathroom (it's decorated with dogs, it's not for dogs).


post-8582-0-56744100-1418507763_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-15902700-1418507764_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-67579400-1418507764.jpg


The cloak is finished except for a few stray brushstrokes I need to clean up.  The fur and armor are "basecoated" - they will need additional details.  I expect the tabard to give me trouble, and to look at Jess Rich's studio paint job for tips.


Depending on how quickly I finish the rest of him, I might try some simple freehand on the cloak - and by simple I mean something like a line near the bottom.


Any suggestions or critiques are welcome.

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