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Fantasy coins from the Far Eastern Realms


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Welcome back to Askrias! Enhance your boardgame, RPG or LARP with these High Quality Eastern style coins filled with Chinese Flavours!



Welcome back to the world of Askrias!

Half a year ago, 340 backers has helped with my first project: Fantasy Coins from the Eastern Realms, and with their help, 8 great tooling has been created as a result of it!

ac134bdb0298e4bb1bbc78e672dbb3d9_large.jFantasy Coins from the Eastern Realms

Ever since then, there has been a lot of people asking if they could join in on the project, however because I was tied up with other projects and production, I could not have added them in. Now that most of the backers has received their coins, today series 2 will go live!

158ac91046d30ef40a982f124a0ccb3f_large.jIs your gaming group heading over to a Eastern realm? Then these coins are perfect to bring in the flavour!

First of all, the original 8 designs are available for purchasing, and with series 2, another 4 designs have been added! The funding goal will go towards in creating the tooling for the 4 designs, I'm sure that it's no problem for everyone!

I will take a bit of time to show everyone the designs...

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Aw, shucks.


I was hoping for some of those interestingly shaped coins, the axe heads and coins with holes in them, and the cool rectangular coins from Japan.


These look like one-yen coins circa. 1900. Cute and all, I guess. Just not what I was hoping for.

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I'm not sure that I need any more, but I really like the coins and the coin bags that I got from the first project. The coins are nice and weighty with very attractive designs. My gaming group got a real kick out of it when I tossed them a coin pouch with their treasure from the adventure last session. :D

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