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I suppose there may be a store I haven't heard about, but it's been a few years since I've heard of one.  I love visiting gaming stores, even before it was my business.  Some stores, especially Magic-centric (or Magic only) shops, do very little to promote themselves (and even with promotion, I know there are people near me who've never heard about me).

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Just wanted to point out a newer pledge level that I added after the campaign started - the $60 "Miniature of the Month" level.  Once a month, get a miniature (that we choose) with an MSRP of between $4.99 and $8.99.  You can pick them up if you're local or semi-local and stop by our monthly Paint Day.

We also have a $750 level that let's you display your poster or advertising for at least a year (subject to approval), if you run a gaming company and want to get your message out to gamers while they're in store looking to spend their money.  Obviously I will carry at least some of the products of any company who backs at this level, if appropriate.

Remember, this was only a 2 week campaign, so there's only about a week left.  Thanks!


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Magic, Legend of the 5 Rings, and Star Wars artist Drew Baker not only has a playmat level, he has also offered to join anyone as part of their group if you choose the RPG session or private booster draft levels.


Less than 2 days to go!  If you're local or even semi-local, please help out.  There's even a level for 4 pint glasses with shipping if you're not local!


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      Had an hour to decide what I needed for the group. Decided to paint up a drowned zombie horde! :D

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      Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game is a tile and miniature based survival horror game for 2-6 Players based on the classic movie.
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      A certain platypus managed to snag a Maiden Bust on my behalf.
      I love the sculpt. The casting is... meh. Sorry Reaper, metal is working better for you than resin. The resin had funky tiny chunks on parts, edge of the hand and rose are odd, and lips are a little rough on the edges. Mostly rough edges. I cleaned what I could, and am using gloss varnish on other odd bits to smooth them, but I can't get it all. 
      But in the slightly funky surface, I saw an opportunity. What if she wasn't quite a maiden? What if she was kinda... dead? Not all the way dead. Just becoming dead or undead, as if from a curse. And the rose is the only thing holding the curse at bay. 
      So maybe Cyr is crazy. Maybe Cyr is going to paint something awesome. 
      So far she has gray primer, dabs of gloss varnish, eyes, maiden flesh on one side, dusky flesh on the other, and a base coated rose. 
      Her live area will be blonde. Her dead side will have "white" hair, and a blackish rose. 
      The dusky skin and the vallejo nocturna white flesh are amazingly similar in tone, but very different in feel. Right now the difference is subtle, but as I shade it, the live side will get more rosy and warm, while the dead side will become more gaunt and sullen, like a starving vampire. 
      At least... that's the plan. 
      Think I can pull it off?

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      17 wacky creatures for $100. $200 for those, non add-on stretch goals (7 shown so far), a t-shirt, and a pdf of 800 monsters.
      Its certainly structured with a lot more initial firepower then the Torn one, so with any luck this could turn out well. And hey, some of the creatures in Tome of Horrors (including a few of the ones they are starting with) are bizarre enough that you'll likely never get them elsewhere. :)

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