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Got Darth Vader finished... but now I'm so deep in projects, I can't FIND him... oh, wait, there he is in a death duel with Santa Dwarf...

Left to right: IG-88, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Vader's faithful companion, Darth Crapontherug, who the guy at the comic shop totally swore was gon

I wouldn't recommend trying it.  

I was wondering about the Command line, I got confused when I saw it on Amazon. I might have to do some 'research'...


Looking at the pics on Amazon, they seem larger, maybe 54mmish?


Yea I had already planned to get IA anyway so I may have to stick a figure in my pocket and do a real life compare at my local target.

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The star wars command figures are a fair bit taller so no.


First time I've seen Lovejoys painted stuff.....very nice......will be using these as reference......need higher Res images of his IA stuff though.


I want a step by step for those stormtroopers

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No, the Star Wars Command line is basically jumped up Little Green Army Men at insane prices. Still, the kids will want it, and it's cheaper than action figures.

Boardgamegeek has a step by step video tutorial about how to paint the stormtroopers.

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Ive been wanting to get my kids involved. If I was buying IA just to have it I'd say it was a wasted purchase but they both are SW fans so it might get some replay value. I think I'm gonna start with either Adventure Time Card Wars or AT Munchkin thou.

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We got the game a few weeks ago.  I've been a long time fan of Descent and having something using a similar system with a Star Wars theme was a no brainer for me.


The figures are of a good quality plastic with detail enough to make it worth while to paint them.


The changes to the Descent rules really make it a more even game.  The Imperial player (akin to the Overlord) has a lot more tactics to use against the rebels.  The main factor is that it is an "I go, you go" system instead of having all the heroes going and the Overlord going last.  They also cleaned up the line of sight rules to make figuring out who can shoot at who much easier.


The scenarios are very thematic and offer a lot of variety in campaign mode.  You don't have a linear story.  Players "chose their own adventure" with their choices having consequences on future missions.  Each hero has a personal side mission themed around their character.  I've experienced a lot of "debate" while players argue why their mission should go first.


One aspect to the game I wasn't expecting is the inclusion of skirmish rules.  These rules allow players to create forces for a one on one game.  There are scenarios for these battles which have you balance mission objectives with just blasting away at your opponent.  I heard that Fantasy Flight was looking to introduce a miniature game to their line up and this looks like the first step to accomplish this.  Currently you can only play Imperials vs rebels.  However, they are developing a viable third option in a mercenary faction.


If you are a Star Wars fan, this is a fantastic purchase.  If you like strategic dungeon crawls with great theme, this is a fantastic purchase.  If you have friends that are willing to play games with you, this is a fantastic purchase.


Basically, this is a fantastic purchase :blush:

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Like I said before, the size of the box is what got me interested. I'm not a deluxe boardgame kinda person but I knew about Descent & the other games. It reminded me of the old rpg days of getting boxed sets for D&D. So many goodies inside!!!


Makes me wonder if my local card shop guy can order Fantasy Flight games stuff as I know he has their sleeves in stock at his store.

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Depends. FF games are generally fully loaded but not cheap. One local place will generally NOT order them unless he has a guaranteed sale; he doesn't like having all that money tied up in inventory.


He'll cheerfully order it on request, tho.

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Very understandable.


I think my card shop guy requires a deposit on box purchases for cards if he isn't actually selling them on his shelf. He has never required me to put anything down as I've known him since my Jr year in HS (first year he opened). If he can get the game he may even be able to give "my" discount of 20% off the price too...hmmm

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    • By Mckenna35
      From the makers of "Gun Fighters Ball"

    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
      No, a longer time ago.....in continuation of a "fine" tradition, we will now move backwards in time to the era of The Clone Wars.
      (Hey hey, relax, don't leave.  No no, we aren't going to talk about THAT movie.  There will be no mention of trade embargos or senate politics.  Well, no other mention.....
      To be completely honest, there may be references to it though....sorry.  But they did just come out with a Maul fig, and it is the version from THAT movie.....)
      So, this will be a continuation of the previous WIP on Star Wars Legion.  New year, new WIP, oh and new core box.  My wife got me the Clone Wars core for Christmas (I MIGHT have hinted a few.....hundred.......times).
      As I'm already painting way too much white armor (which I'll still be painting (forever)), I'm focusing on the Droids.  Yes I know they are called the Separatists Alliance, but Droids is easier to spell and you all know what I mean.
      (Note, if you do not know what I'm referring to then we can wait while you pop off and watch Star Wars Episodes II and III.  Oh and the 7 seasons of the animated Clone Wars series (not to be confused with Star Wars: Clone Wars, which was a 3 season animated series and is now considered non-canonical).  All are available on Disney+ btw.  While there you might as well watch the 4 seasons of Rebels, as Sabine, Clan Wren and Kallus will be showing up at some point. You should probably watch the 2 seasons of The Mandalorian too if you haven't yet too.  Not that I'll probably be painting anything from there, well I do have some stls....but the reason to watch it is because it is awesome!!!)
      I'll be continuing to work on my Imperials, but I'll also be starting on my Droid army, which I'll be painting primarily with contrast paint, doing some wear and damage (unlike my pristine Imps) and basing fairly simply with just some sand or gravel or something on the standard bases (we'll see for sure when I get the first unit done).
      So starting out:

      I assembled 2 B1s, and glued together two units of Imperial Royal Guard, which I'd prepped quite a while ago.  The Guards are the old plastic so were quickly superglued together. They are only 3 pieces each. They'll get pins for their feet soon.
      The droids are the new hard plastic so they recommend plastic glue.  FYI they still need to superglued to the bases apparently. as the bases are a different plastic.
      The droids come in 8 parts...each.  Yep that's a lot of very small, very skinny parts.  I only dropped a couple. At least I found them all. (parts are 2 legs, 2 arms (one with the gun attached), body, backpack, and two pieces of head.  Somehow they needed to make the head 2 pieces.....)
      Since I hadn't put them together before I took my time trying not to mess up.  I still managed to, a bit.

      Crouching guy took some damage from a bit of plastic glue on my thumb while trying to align the arms.  As I'm planning to make these guys a little beat up and worn, not big deal.
      It's late and these are fiddly, so that's as far as I got tonight.  I should be able to crank out most of a unit (note, the B1 unit comes with 9 figures....you start with 6 in the unit, then can optionally add an extra troop, and one of two heavy weapon options) tomorrow hopefully as long as the snow storm doesn't take out power or something equally annoying.
      Roger Roger.

    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      So this is my year in review.  It was a strange year, what with working from home since early March.  I initially thought that would mean I'd paint more, but after spending 8+ hours every day sitting 3 feet from my painting desk but working, it really didn't work out that way. Eventually I was able to get some stuff painted so things are working better now.
      At the start of the year I decided I wanted to not just pick up some random Star Wars Legion stuff to paint, but to actually play the game.  Unfortunately everything shut down before I could watch a game at the LFGS.
      After I got enough prepped at home, my very patient and understanding wife agreed to play some small games so I could sort out the rules.  It must be reasonably fun for her, we just played a game on Monday....
      Eventually the store opened up for play again and I got in about a half dozen games before the latest wave hit and put a stop to that.  If all goes well we should be back to playing in a couple weeks.
      As far as painting:

      That was my output for the year.  I count it as 52 figures (51 bases but the e-Web has two Snowtroopers on the base.....). Not bad at all for me, especially considering it took me two months to paint the first unit of Stormtroopers and I had a big slump during the hot part of the summer where my output was nil.
      As you can probably tell, I play Imperials. And, because I'm using the premium bases and painting them, I can only field what I've painted.  So I've been pushing on painting Imperials.  The only rebel unit I've painted is the Rebel Veterans.  The LFGS rain a painting contest online during the shutdown and I figured painting yet more white and black wasn't going to impress....
      Here is the breakdown:
      1 box of Rebel Veterans 
      2 units of Stromtroopers
      1 unit of Scout Troopers
      2 units of Snowtroopers
      1 e-WEB heavy blaster team
      2 units of Speederbikes
      Darth Vader (the starter box edition)
      General Veers
      and the Imperial Officer and FX-9 Medical Droid from the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion.
      Looking forward to 2021 I still have a lot of Imperials left to paint. Luckily most are assembled, some are primed and a number of Stormtroopers already have a wash and drybrush done.
      This is good because I got the Clone Wars starter for Christmas (awesome wife strikes again!) so I'll be starting to assemble Droids soon....
    • By SamuraiJack
      Live:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/marvel-united/description
      Blowing through stretch goals as you would expect
      It’s time to become the Heroes you were always meant to be! Designed by Eric M. Lang and Andrea Chiarvesio, Marvel United is a fast-paced cooperative game where players take control of Marvel Super Heroes and band together to thwart the master plans of the most dangerous Villains in the universe. With an all-new visual take by Edouard Guiton, brought to life in fantastic sculpts, Marvel United will challenge you and your friends. Only by standing united will you have any chance of victory!  
    • By Chris Palmer
      I just saw an announcement for an upcoming The Princess Bride boardgame, coming in October.  I'm so hoping the figures are in a usable 28mm-32mm gaming scale, as it would be so fun to use them outside of the game.   Apparently it will be priced at $25!

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