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I'm technically sneaking ahead a bit, but I'm going to start painting one of the Hearthstone Redcaps really soon (the guy on the left with the sword).
He broke in two pieces right at the knees (end of tunic), and instead of trying to glue him back together, I decided to try a water effects base.
[PLACEHOLDER for photo]
I've started on the base today, because I had some painting time for the first time in forever (I also did some other basing stuff that I'll post elsewhere in show-off when done. This weekend probably).
I decided to try my heavy body gel from Liquitex as my water effect.Because I wanted this too look kinda swampy, I decided to originally paint the base an olive colour.




I then went over it with some medium, and a mix of that olive, and some inks (1:1:1:1): phthalo green (yellow) and burnt umber. It's quite a nice colour, actually. I'll probably re-use it.
Then when that dried, I put some heavy body gel medium on top and tried to create the sense of movement .




It should keep some ridges that I can then paint faintly to suggest the ripples created by the redcap wading in the water. It's only been an hour, so you get an in-process drying photo, which shows a bit of the green underneath. I think it gives a good idea of what it will look like, and I'm pretty pleased with it so far. Pretty easy so far. We'll see how it looks at the end.



Looks like I forgot to take a pic of the post olive mix, but it didn't change the colour too much.

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I'm a little disturbed by the number of these cut off at the knees. I may need to wrap that one individually

He breaks off almost exactly at the bottom of his kilt.



Sometimes that happens when I pull him from the mold so I'm not surprised that he would break there if he broke. 

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Oh, I've no problem with resin. I just like to be sure before I plan any orders.


And I thought all your things were resin, but didn't know for sure. Also, if I haven't already mentioned it somewhere, I'm so glad you picked these guys up from Andy. They were one of my favorite things I saw at Reapercon.

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