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This is continued WIP that used to be part of my gigantic continued WIP.

It will essentially be for the basing of the 77045-Orc Hunter (Spear), and 77051-Orc Stalker. Both by Tre Manor.

I'm mostly done the basing, but I thought I'd create a new thread for that before I post in show-off (hopefully on the weekend).


I just need to get dinner started and convert pics, so stay tuned for posts showing basing progress.

I will be using a similar basing technique with my other orc berserker.

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I started off thinking about washer and felt pad under cork for a base, but it was too big and my minis wouldn't fit in my storage unit.



I decided to then just glue the cork to the plastic base. They didn't fit well, so I had to carve out a lip so it would sit flush (I didn't take a picture of this, I thought I did, I'll include one for the berserker and link to it here).


That was messy, but relatively easy. The result was something like this (this is only a test photo; the pins were too long).




I crumbled the sides a bit to make them look more natural.


Today, I first applied the pumice medium (corse) mixed with 1 drop of intense brown.

[photos to come, forgot to transfer them]


After that I did some ROUGH shading with a mix of blackened brown 1: intense brown :1, then finally just blackened brown.


post-12970-0-69235400-1418859347.jpg post-12970-0-46312200-1418859350.jpg


post-12970-0-81318900-1418859353.jpg post-12970-0-97924800-1418859356.jpg


I managed to pick the most uniform section for the side view... oh well.




Next I might do a wash to make it a bit more uniform, then I will put some ground covering and seal it. Then it'll go to show-off.


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Not bad! I love working with cork and find that there's not much you can't do with it. I tend to use cork for rocky bases and such. For natural earth, I tend to just base with layered sand. You can kind of sand cork down if you need it to sit more flush. It tends to make a mess, but you can save the cork bits for filler if you need it.

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