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Meet the Girls - A Kingdom Death Pin-up WIP thread

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As the title says, this thread is all about Kingdom Deaths plastic pin-up set.   With Twilight Knight and Forsaker already finished, meet the remaining girls:-     Since I don't batch-paint ver

They're undercoated with Vallejo White Primer and washed with Army Painter Strong Tone (Brown) Wash.     Progress!     Tidied up her leg. Painted her hair, which I think turned out quite good

Got her skin finished:-     Though looking at these piccys, I think her right leg needs a bit of work. Any ways, I reclaimed the basecoat, then added a drop of Yellowed Bone (it was supposed to


If you have more money to spend, there is a Christmas special pinup for sale right now!


Already ordered!


... Along with all the other new KD minis!


... I might have a problem :down:


It's only a problem if you can't afford it!  (Or it causes divorce, litigation, or other unpleasantness.)

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We recently acquired the Kingdom of the Sun minis...they're for Nissiana to paint, not me, but they do look intimidating.


I picked up the Game Hunter Rogue and the 80yo savior. Those I'm super excited to put some paint to.

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Beautiful Aku-chan !

Some day I hope I can get the nerve up to paint my two "Kingdom of the Sun" mini's from KD.

Right now they look mind numbingly complex to me.


Just do it!


Seriously, they're not as hard to paint as they look, I'm not a particularly good painter and mine turn out okay.



I've made a little bit of progress (she now has a red sock and glove and blue armour), but I've been sidetracked by the new mini I got for Christmas so it'll be a few days before I make any more.

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Progress, now with pictures!




She's got a glove and socks in the same reds as her bikini, and Sapphire blue shoulder pads and boot armour (I'm particularly pleased with the highlights on these).

I made a start on her metallics, Brassy Brass on her arm armour thing and fancy hat, Oily Steel on the lantern and spear.

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More progress:-




While adding highlights to her metallics, I realized I hadn't painted her bracelet, while painting that I discovered I hadn't painted one side of her left arm :down:

With all that sorted, I also painted all the straps and stitching in Oiled Leather.

Just need to work out a few more colours and she'll be done.

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Even more progress:-




Eww, blurry. She's all covered in wet varnish at the moment so these will have to do.

She's finished now, I did her pouches and boots in Lonestar Leather (with experimental Lonestar Leather/Palomino Gold highlights, which I think worked quite well), the shoulder-pad and boot tassels are Palomino Gold.

Couldn't blend the LED Blue/Pure White combo of the lanterns light as well as I wanted to, those rectangles were just too small!


Working on her base now:-




I'm re-thinking my plan to make a 'face base' for all my Kingdom Death stuff, on these 30mm bases there's no room to do anything more than perch the mini on top of a stone head, which was getting samey (and will get even samey-er when they start having duplicate faces).

I'm not really sure how to tie all these minis together now, but do I really need to?

It's not like they're an army who are supposed to all be on the same battlefield.

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Almost done:-




Once the varnish dries on the base I'll add some grass tufts and she'll head to show-off.


Time to pick the next Girl, my die chooses:-




Architect, the one Girl I have no ideas for...


*Throws die across the room*

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I'm still intimidated by cool whites and haven't really done a good one yet. Still, I think following a guide is a good way to learn and Scott is pretty approachable if you have questions. He's on WAMP or you could ask in the KD:M KS comments, as he posts there, too.

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Let the amazing Scott Hockley be your guide!


Too much white, white is scary!


I don't know how much Vallejo you have in your paint collection (though obviously you have some), but here's an easy white if you have the paint and don't mind a bit of layering:


Base GC Ghost Grey

Highlight GC Dead White

Shade GC Wolf's Grey


If you want deeper shadows mix a little GC Shadow Grey into the Wolf's Grey.  The greys contain some blue so it will look cool.

Edited by Auberon
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