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Meet the Girls - A Kingdom Death Pin-up WIP thread

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As the title says, this thread is all about Kingdom Deaths plastic pin-up set.   With Twilight Knight and Forsaker already finished, meet the remaining girls:-     Since I don't batch-paint ver

They're undercoated with Vallejo White Primer and washed with Army Painter Strong Tone (Brown) Wash.     Progress!     Tidied up her leg. Painted her hair, which I think turned out quite good

Got her skin finished:-     Though looking at these piccys, I think her right leg needs a bit of work. Any ways, I reclaimed the basecoat, then added a drop of Yellowed Bone (it was supposed to





I've raised her up a bit so her shiny boots are a bit more visible.

I shaded her cape with a 1:1 mix of Splattered Crimson/Pure Black and also Pure Black in the deepest folds, then it got highlights of 1:1 Splattered Crimson/Vallejo Orange Red.


I then based her skin with a 1:1 mix of Tanned Skin/Vallejo Flat Flesh and gave it a wash of Flesh Shade.

I totally meant to try out Monkeysloths suggestion of putting in the skin highlights first, but I forgot :down:

I didn't go crazy with the wash this time though, so I shouldn't have the same problems I did with poor Architect.


I also made a start on her base:-




I was looking for a way to include Huntresses naked serving boy, without him being a naked serving boy, so he's going to be a statue/crossbow rest.

I had the idea that this base was going to represent a place Huntress goes to practice her bowmanship, but I couldn't build a whole target range, so I'm not sure how well that idea is going to come across.

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An extremely productive Sunday has left her almost finished.


Highlighted up her skin, cutting down on the Flesh Shade wash worked a treat, should be able to fix Architect now.


Did her hair, originally she was going to be a blonde, but I was struggling with my Palomino Gold, so she's now a light brunette (Oiled Leather>Palomino Gold>1:1 Palomino Gold/ Linen White>Sepia Wash). The highlights at the front are a bit meh, but I think the back of her head turned out well.


Used Vallejo Andrea Blue to pick out all the trim of her outfit (and her very oddly placed underwear strings), with Ruddy Leather gloves and Lonestar Leather belts and pouches. The leather bits have had a brown wash, once that's dry I'll do a few highlights and a bit of tidying up and she should be done.

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Looks amazing! I find the miniature quite odd in almost every way, but you've done great things with it.

I would agree with this statement, the paint work is excellent but the sculpt is a bit strange I can't describe what it is, maybe it's the stylised female body shape.

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Huntress is finished, but doesn't look significantly different enough to warrant another piccy. Working on the base:-




The stonework has been based in Stone Grey, with the stripes in either 1:1 Splattered Crimson/Stone Grey or 1:1 Yellowed Bone/Stone Grey, all washed with a Green/Brown Shade wash.

The ground is currently Ruddy Leather washed with Brown.

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*Blows dust off thread*


Making a start to another of the girls, the White Speaker:-




Blurry! (seems to be a recurring theme with my picture taking today)


Haven't got very far, it took a lot of layers to get a solid basecoat of skin (and she has a lot of skin), at the moment I've done the basecoat (1:1 Vallejo Flat Flesh/Linen White) and given it a wash of Flesh Shade.


PS. Mods, if her conveniently placed straps don't cover enough of her, let me know and I'll keep this one off the Interwebs.

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I'm really out of practice painting large areas of skin, but I don't think it turned out too bad (apart from a couple areas on the legs).


I reapplied the 1:1 Vallejo Flat Flesh/Linen White basecoat and then highlights of pure Linen White, this looked a little weird and chalky, so I thinned down some Flesh Shade wash and glazed all over.

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