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Just tried to add & it NOW says 1 pass in cart.


Thanks Bryan!!


Correction: It won't add Meet & Greet pass but when I had a Bronze pass & clicked M&G it said 80 bucks! (thou cart only had 1 Bronze pass, no M&G)


I'll just add my passes tomorrow  ::D:

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I bought gold as well, along with thursday night...I'm seeing 2x of the banquet tickets, 2x meet and greet, 2x of my friday saturday and sunday lunch...huh

I just booked my Gold pass and got the same thing as of this time stamp.


We're working on it.  Sorry guys, everything looked good to go and we're trying to isolate why it works when we test it but not for you all.

It's cool, so long as the credit card statement reflects only $150 for one pass all is well. We appreciate you having to work through this amidst the Bones 2 fulfillment.

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Oh, that's interesting. If I get a Gold Pass, and remove the meals, I keep the Gold Pass Discount. Now I'm really not sure if I should be taking advantage of that particular functionality. There doesn't seem to be a check in there to prevent it--I can get back to Stripe no problem.

If you do, your admission will be refunded and you will be asked to buy either a regular pass at full price or a gold pass at full price.


So should I wait or redo my order now?  Well once I can add the full gold pass to my cart again.


Edit: Cleared my cookies and can add the Gold Pass again.  Waiting before I do it to make sure it is ok now or if I need to wait for the other to be refunded first.

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x4 Bronze Pass $40 each (family of 4) = $160

x2 M&G $5 each = $10

x2 Kickoff 10 each = $20

x4 Hall of Fame Banquet $35 each = $140

x4 Artist's Banquet $35 each = $140


Total = $470


With squirles running ammock, I keep confusing myself while adding to the cart. Think I will try again tomorrow.

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Any chance of it coming back up today? I really want to get a gold pass.

I was unable to correct the two problems yet.


I will keep trying tomorrow, but there's still a lot of Gold Passes available, so it should be fine, once I can get these bugs figured out.


Thank you very much for letting me know about the issue and the gold passes. I don't have the ability to purchase one while I am at work so I have to hope there are still some available when I get home.

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