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Huh, it worked fine for me when I used it just now. Maybe your firewall doesn't like it? Did you go through Reaper's main page, or a different way? (I know you've done this waaaaaay more than I have, just trying to be helpful :) )



--OneBoot :D

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All set with our passes to ReaperCon - it was a pleasant surprise this morning.  Thank Bryan for obviously working at night to get this done.


I did find a small glitch.  When I tried to register on my IPad, I couldn't access the tickets on the main page.  It was not big deal as everything worked great on my computer - I just had to get my lazy butt out of bed and go downstairs to my office  :blush:


Probably a good thing it happened.  I went downstairs and found my dogs, Charles and Darwin, just getting into a box of miniatures I was working on last night.  Well, it was more Charles than Darwin.  Darwin was more staring in disapproval at Charles who had his head inside the box he toppled from the side table.  Either way, it proves that Bryan MUST be able to see the future and set up the glitch in order to have me go downstairs early on the Sunday.  


... it is the only explanation I can think of...

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