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Sorry, I thought I was clear that the items were available a la cart when I gave the savings over their a la cart pricing.


Just to be clear - the "special" admission passes I was discussing are not the only way to get any of the meals offered, they merely represent a discounted "meal plan" as it were for those who want the convenience and savings.


Each of the meal items will be available a la cart, to choose or not choose at your discretion.


Meal options include:

The Wed Night Meet & Greet

Thursday Night buffet

Friday Banquet

Saturday Banquet

Choice of Box Lunch Thursday

Choice of Box Lunch Friday

Choice of Box Lunch Saturday

Choice of Box Lunch Sunday


You may choose any number of these options, zero though eight.  If you do not buy the Deluxe or VIP admissions, by default you begin with Zero of these in your cart, and must choose to add each one that you actually want.

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Does that put the Banquet tickets at about $50 a la carte?

O_O they weren't 50$ last year, that's a huge jump in price if that were the case. I thought banquet tickets were like 30$? Or 20$?


Yeah,they aren't 50$. MM math says they're the same as last year.

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