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9 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

We just watched 2007s Tin Man - a SF spin on the Wizard of Oz.



Megan had never seen it, but I think she liked it.


The Auld Grump

I own it on DVD - but found it on You Tube while looking for the trailer to link to. ::):

It was good, but I think I could pinpoint the exact moment their budget ran out.

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We watched two horror movies over the weekend, both were on the Shudder channel through Amazon video. I'm very picky about my horror films and these two offered something new and umm 'fun'


The first was a genius Japanese movie called 'One cut of the Dead'. The first 20 minutes are so-so but the remainder of the movie is fantastic entertainment.

The second was an American movie called 'The Rite', it follows a fairly formulaic story for the first half of the movie but then you get a fantastic twist. I loved it



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1 hour ago, Kuroneko said:

We watch the greatest buccaneer movie on Saturday in honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day :lol:




Link to best pirate song ever. How can you not love a singing Tim Curry?




 "Upstage lads, this is my only number" :lol:::D::B):


Agreed, all around. Though Cutthroat Island with Geena Davis might be the second best buccaneer movie... (yeah, it's bad, but my inner child remembers liking it);


I can't think of a Tim Curry role that wasn't enjoyable (I don't watch the version of IT with him because he's just so creepy in it... a truly terrifying clown); And soon it will be the season for Rocky Horror, the greatest display of singing Tim Curry!


Do you think we can do the Time Warp out of 2020? I'll give it a go later today.

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Was in a Chopsaki mood so I watched a bunch of Martial Arts movies on Netflix.


IP Man 3: if you ever wanted to see the force sensitive martial artist from Rogue One vs Mike Tyson, you got your wish. All 4 movies in the series are really fun and have some great fights.


Debt Collectors: Been watching the Scott Atkins interview series with martial artists so I wanted to see home act...it was OK.


Headshot: Amnesiac fights the gang that put him in the hospital to save the nurse who helped him heal. It stars the main actor from the Raid movies. THE RAID MOVIES!!!

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3 hours ago, Kuroneko said:
3 hours ago, Weird-O said:

A bunch of us have rented out a theater this weekend, and are going to have a private big-screen show of The Mummy.


I is happy.


That sounds awesome! 


One question though, Karloff, Fraser or *shudder* Cruise?


I am hoping for Fraser, but that's just my personal preference. Because it also has Rachel Weisz and John Hannah (I like some comedy with my action).


I don't think I have ever seen Karloff though. And I laughed when I heard about the Cruise version.

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20 minutes ago, Weird-O said:

Fraser and Weisz, of course!


I gave a like to your post for this.


21 minutes ago, Weird-O said:

I'm now working that day, so no big screen Mummy for me.


But I'm sad because of this. Maybe someone will screw up and only bring the third Mummy movie instead of the first two...

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Watched two movies yesterday. First was Baywatch, with the Rock. Yeah, it's a horrid plot of a movie, but I honestly don't think they made it to be serious. It was a good way to kill time, had some funny moments, Alexandra Daddario's eyes (yes, her eyes, they are amazing), and of course the Rock. But I still don't care for Zac Efron.


Then I watched a movie on Netflix called The Babysitter. Complete B-movie, I don't even know if it qualifies as a horror movie, but I didn't hate it. Lead actress looks a lot like Margot Robbie, but is apparently Hugo Weaving's niece.

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